Benefits of Surrogacy


There are several benefits of surrogacy in California. One main benefit is that you’re selflessly giving away someone dear to you so that another couple will experience the joys of parenthood. Another advantage of surrogacy is that you can assist and be there emotionally for the intended parents. This is especially true if you have had children before and the adoptive couple are parents for the first time. When you’re a surrogate mother you also receive free medical care during the pregnancy and it is cost effective for you. You’ll also receive monetary compensation.

Good Alternative to Adoption of Older Children

If you want to adopt a child but are not interested in adopting elementary age or teenagers, surrogacy in California is a good choice because you’re adopting a brand new baby that doesn’t come with a history of emotional baggage or previous abuse unlike older children. When you adopt a surrogate mother’s baby you have the opportunity to give the baby a solid foundation and unconditional love right from the beginning.

The Baby Will Be Safe And Healthy

For those who have had miscarriages repeatedly in the past, they would benefit from surrogacy in California because in most cases the baby will be healthy upon delivery. This is because surrogate mothers will undergo medical tests and other evaluations to determine if they are healthy enough to carry a child.

Intended Parents Can Participate in Process

With surrogacy in California, when a baby is born, the intended parents don’t have to sit on the sidelines until after the baby is born. The intended parents can go on doctor’s visits with the surrogate mother and get an idea of how things are going with the pregnancy. This is because the unborn child belongs to the intended parents.

Being a surrogate mother or the parent who will receive a child from a surrogate parent has numerous benefits. Before you choose surrogacy it would be a good idea to research what is involved in the process as well as the legal issues surrounding surrogacy. You should also hire a legal consultant to assist you with starting the process according to state laws. You can also maintain friendly relations with the adoptive parents after your birth. Research what your rights are as a surrogate mother or as the intended parents. It is even better to choose a good friend to be your surrogate because she may be more likely to carry the child for you. A surrogacy agency is also a good way to seek out potential surrogate mothers.