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What is NASM Certification?

The National Academy of Sports Medicine is an organization that offers personal trainer certification for fitness professionals. NASM is known worldwide for the quality of their NASM Certification NYC programs and curriculum. Since 1987, NASM has offered the opportunity to earn specialized fitness certifications on several topics to thousands of students pursuing a career as a health and fitness professional. Over 190,000 personal trainer certifications have been issued within the last 10 years by NASM. The educational curriculum at NASM is designed to educate and promote fitness and wellbeing and enhance their career of fitness professionals. NASM’s curriculum is accredited through the NCAA which includes courses that provide students with the tools and techniques to provide general and specialized personal training for clients. Here students will learn how to create specific programs according to a client’s goals and ability. Advanced specialization courses from NASM’s selection of courses are available in the areas of corrective exercise, performance enhancement, fitness nutrition, behavior change, group personal training, women’s fitness, youth exercise, senior fitness, and golf fitness. NASM’s capstone Master Fitness certification program includes courses in exercise physiology, nutrition, personal training, special populations, sports conditioning and corrective exercise. This program is designed to take the fitness professional to the next level. All of the courses are developed with NASM’s exclusive education model of Optimum Performance Training (OPT). OPT is a comprehensive training program based on scientific, evidence-based research and provides outstanding results. It was developed to improve flexibility, balance, power, strength, core stabilization, and cardio endurance. NASM’s model of successfully educating and training personal trainers has provided the benefit needed for personal trainers to accurately assess, design, and counsel their clients in a professional manner. Adding a NASM Certification in NYC to your resume will let your clients know you have a successful career as a fitness...

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3 Myths About A Personal Trainer Certification In Boston

There is always a choice for any professional in the personal training field to opt to complete certification or to simply market their services without any certification or formal training. While in the past the non-certified personal trainer may have been an option to consider, in the increasingly competitive market this can be a significant professional mistake. In Boston, as well as throughout the country, a personal trainer certification is becoming the standard for both clients as well as employers. Unfortunately, many people new to the field have misinformation about the importance of completing certification and only find out later that what they had believed was wrong. Myth 1: Certification Doesn’t Matter to Clients With more people using personal trainers, consumer awareness about the importance of choosing a quality trainer is also increasing. It is not at all uncommon for a client to directly ask if a trainer has a personal trainer certification and through which organization the certificate is offered. Choosing NASM certification provides a top-quality training as well as name recognition that is easy for potential clients to understand. Myth 2: Online Training is Just as Effective as In-Person While it is possible to complete personal trainer certification online, this is really the least effective option from a professional development standpoint. By working with experienced trainers in hands-on exercises throughout the training, students will gain confidence and comfort in working directly with clients that is not possible through online study. Myth 3: Employers Don’t Look for Certification in Personal Trainers Perhaps an individual doesn’t see certification as important as they don’t plan on working as a private trainer. Even if applying to gyms and fitness centers for a personal trainer position, certification is becoming the minimum requirement. This is largely due to the insurance factor for the gym. Certified personal trainers in Boston providing personal trainer certification can be insured through the gym or fitness center while non-certified professionals are typically not insurable, leaving the business with a...

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Personal Training Experts in New York

Exercise and physical fitness seems to have become an increasingly popular trend among the masses in recent years. In order to achieve their fitness goals, many people have turned experts in personal training. New York is home to many of these fitness training specialists who offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you meet your fitness goals. Many times you can find these trainers working out of various gyms in the area. Is it time to start getting in shape and improve your physical health and overall condition? If so, take a moment to consider how a personal trainer can help you on your fitness journey. Training Regimen One important part of physical fitness training is the development of an effective exercise plan. The plan should cater to the individual’s current physical capabilities. An expert in personal training can help develop this plan for you and also help you implement the routines and requirements of the plan. Your trainers can help you maintain the right schedule and level of intensity so that you can achieve optimum results. Health and Safety Effective fitness training incorporates both exercise and proper diet. A trainer can offer suggestions in both categories. Various factors of fitness and health, including cardiovascular health and muscular strength are also part of the equation when it comes to training and advice. Personal trainers will have particular knowledge to impart on these subjects to help you meet your fitness goals. As well, your physical fitness trainer will understand the proper techniques for exercise that help ensure you stay safe and free from injury during your training regimen. Although a trainer can never guarantee necessarily that you won’t injure yourself during training, he or she can greatly minimize the possibility of such through proper training procedures and techniques. Teaching Training Techniques Personal training experts can help you achieve the highest results by teaching you the most effective training techniques. These experts can help you execute weight training as well as cardiovascular training that targets specific muscle groups in a highly effective manner. All of this can enable you to realize results much faster than if you trained yourself without professional...

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