3 Myths About A Personal Trainer Certification In Boston

Personal Training

There is always a choice for any professional in the personal training field to opt to complete certification or to simply market their services without any certification or formal training. While in the past the non-certified personal trainer may have been an option to consider, in the increasingly competitive market this can be a significant professional mistake.

In Boston, as well as throughout the country, a personal trainer certification is becoming the standard for both clients as well as employers. Unfortunately, many people new to the field have misinformation about the importance of completing certification and only find out later that what they had believed was wrong.

Myth 1: Certification Doesn’t Matter to Clients

With more people using personal trainers, consumer awareness about the importance of choosing a quality trainer is also increasing. It is not at all uncommon for a client to directly ask if a trainer has a personal trainer certification and through which organization the certificate is offered.
Choosing NASM certification provides a top-quality training as well as name recognition that is easy for potential clients to understand.

Myth 2: Online Training is Just as Effective as In-Person

While it is possible to complete personal trainer certification online, this is really the least effective option from a professional development standpoint. By working with experienced trainers in hands-on exercises throughout the training, students will gain confidence and comfort in working directly with clients that is not possible through online study.

Myth 3: Employers Don’t Look for Certification in Personal Trainers

Perhaps an individual doesn’t see certification as important as they don’t plan on working as a private trainer. Even if applying to gyms and fitness centers for a personal trainer position, certification is becoming the minimum requirement.

This is largely due to the insurance factor for the gym. Certified personal trainers in Boston providing personal trainer certification can be insured through the gym or fitness center while non-certified professionals are typically not insurable, leaving the business with a liability.