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Find A New Favorite Chocolate Bar In Chicago

Do you have a favorite chocolate bar? Chocolate candy bars are some of the world’s favorite things to eat, and they are found almost everywhere, in hundreds of different varieties. If you want something a little bit out of the ordinary, then you can’t go wrong by searching for a gourmet chocolate shop in Chicago. The Windy City is well known as a place where candy and chocolate shops abound. Eating a fresh, handmade chocolate bar from Chicago, made with natural and high-quality ingredients, is certain to be an experience that you will never forget and want to try again soon. Why Get A Chocolate Bar From Chicago? Chicago was one of the biggest immigration hubs in the 19th and 20th centuries. Immigrants from Europe settled here, bringing with them their own cultures and customs from home. This included the foods and beverages they enjoyed, even chocolate! Europe has been home to some of the finest chocolatiers in history and thanks to the European immigrants introducing their chocolate and going into business selling it, Chicago became the candy capital of the nation! Today, since there are so many candy options, confectioners and chocolatiers have become more creative in order to get their shops noticed. You can find some truly unique and unforgettable chocolate bars here. What To Expect From Chocolate Bars In Chicago A chocolate bar is a very fun and convenient way to enjoy chocolate, either by itself or accompanied by delicious fillings or other ingredients that have been mixed in with or sprinkled over the chocolate. Look for a candy shop that makes their candy bars by hand. Shopping for the perfect candy bar in their store will make you feel like a kid again as you are surrounded by so many delightful...

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Should You Visit a Candy Warehouse?

Chicago is a big city. There’s so much to do that, whether you’re a repeat tourist or a first time visitor, you may not know where to start in terms of visiting every place the city has to offer! It’s perfectly understandable if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. The best place to start, however, may be in one of Chicago’s many candy warehouses. While such a trip may sound unusual, it’s actually perfect for those with an indomitable sweet tooth. Here’s why you should consider visiting a candy warehouse in Chicago! A Plethora of Sweets Once you step into a candy warehouse in Chicago, you’ll be greeted with candy as far as the eye can see. Imagine bins upon bins of candy just waiting to be sampled and bagged. You can easily find self-serve options in some places, allowing you to grab as much of your favorites as you please. You can rest assured any candy warehouse will have something you like, as well. Most are designed to have almost every type of candy imaginable in stock, so unless you’re on the hunt for something rare or international, you’re guaranteed to find it! Awakening Your Inner Kid Something about being surrounded by candy will automatically bring out the inner child in you. After all, visiting a candy warehouse is just about every child’s dream! Spying those bins and shelves of candy, a rainbow of colors stretching for yards upon yards, is bound to widen the eyes and bring a bit of sparkle back to them. Even if you don’t buy anything, you may find yourself tempted to walk around and see everything such a fabulous facility has to offer. If you’re planning on exploring the Windy City soon, consider stopping on by a candy warehouse in Chicago! Such a sweet pick-me-up makes the perfect souvenir for your...

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Indulge In A Favorite Treat With Ice Cream Shops In Chicago

Ice cream is one of the most popular foods in America. While today, you can easily purchase as much as you want to keep in the freezer in your home and eat whenever you feel like it, back before World War II, this was not the case. The ice cream was sold from special shops or roadside stands, enjoyed as a special treat with friends and loved ones. Ice cream shops became all the rage in cities such as New York and Chicago, as well as out west where the summers are especially hot. Today in Chicago, you can still find a wide selection of excellent ice cream shops. Why Go To Ice Cream Shops? These days, ice cream is readily available. The nostalgia and simple joy that comes from eating ice cream as a special treat have been almost extinguished. However, ice cream parlors still keep this spark of classic Americana alive. At ice cream shops in Chicago, confectioners understand how to make the absolute best ice cream. They make this cold, frozen treat right there, using fine, fresh ingredients for a rich, creamy and extremely flavorful result. For the fullest experience, they may also make their own delicious toppings to choose from. What To Expect From Ice Cream Shops In Chicago At an ice cream shop in Chicago, you will discover a wide variety of exciting frozen desserts. They will feature many types of ice cream, from classic favorites to unique varieties to seasonal delights. They also may have sorbet and frozen yogurt. If you are having trouble deciding what you want, then free samples are available. You can then take your ice cream cone or sundae, sit at a table and give yourself up to the enjoyment of this nostalgic...

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Chicago’s Love for Amazing Candy Stores

We’ve got many a strong sweet tooth here in Chicago, and not just any boring milk chocolate bar will do. When it comes to our confections of choice, our main concerns are quality ingredients and of course, taste. Thankfully we live in a city that shares our passion for all things sweet, as obvious by the outstanding chocolatiers that call Chicago (and the surrounding suburbs) home. Fall in Love with Our Special Candies and Chocolates Customers watch as candy makers turn out Chicago’s favorite confection in flavors like s’mores, chocolate bacon, and peanut butter. This family-owned candy maker churns out tons of tasty chocolates, nutty confections and more, but what you really can’t miss are the “Crunchers.” Grab a box of the shop’s unique recipe of handmade white chocolate mixed with large Oreo chunks, and you’ll be seriously addicted. Windy City Sweets is a family owned and operated business. We have been in the neighborhood for years. Our focus on family is why we insist on providing great customer service. When you buy from us you become part of our extended family and we truly care that we provide you edible happiness. Walk in and gaze upon our selection of handmade ice cream. Then head over to their giant selection of gourmet chocolate and mix and match to meet your sweet tooth. Making Memories at Windy City Sweet’s Candy Store Remember when walking down the street with a nickel was a magical moment? Everybody has special memories associated with the candy they enjoyed when they were kids. At Windy City Sweets, we love being able to help our customers relive those memories with our extensive selection delicious homemade candy that brings a little happiness with every piece. The corner candy store was likely a place where the candy man knew your name. While we don’t actually know all of our online customers, we strive to deliver the same kind of personal service you received back then. We are devoted to making shopping for wholesale candy online a positive, secure experience. For an even better experience, step right in so you can make sweet memories at our candy store. Every day, there is something new to taste and you don’t want to miss...

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