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A Professional Orthopedic Surgeon in Panama City, FL Does What it Takes to Make You Feel Better

Orthopedic injuries can be painful because they are usually associated with a strenuous activity such as exercise or overuse of a muscle. Fortunately, if the problem gets too severe, a good orthopedic physician can provide you with the surgery needed to get you pain-free again. A good orthopedic surgeon in Panama City, FL can work wonders with your knees, hips, or shoulders and this includes everything from minimally invasive procedures to more complex surgery. A professional orthopedic surgeon can do everything from repair the meniscus in your knee to replacing your hip with an artificial joint, enabling you to get back to your normal lifestyle. Surgery Specialized for You Although surgery is never fun, the right orthopedic surgeon can make it as simple and comfortable as possible so that you can look forward to comfortably moving around again. They can work on your neck, shoulders, hips, hands, knees, ankles, and even your spine and they start by diagnosing the problem so that they can determine course of treatment will benefit you most. Facilities such as Panhandle Orthopaedics work on patients of all ages and can help you whether you’re a professional athlete or just someone who overdid it last weekend. Trust the Professionals Walking around in pain is not a good way to live and the longer you are living in pain, the more you’ll want to find a good orthopedic surgeon to help you remedy the situation. When you get tired of taking over-the-counter pain relievers and doing exercises that don’t work, it is time to see an orthopedic specialist. Only this type of doctor can correct the problem so that you can get back to your pain-free lifestyle and the best news is that many of them offer the capability to diagnose and correct the problem without ever leaving their...

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Hip and Knee Replacements through Orthopedic Surgery

If it seems like you are hearing more about hip and knee replacements today than ever before, you aren’t imagining things. In the United States, there are about 719,000 total knee and 332,000 total hip replacements completed per year, and that number has steadily been on the rise. This means the demand for orthopedic surgery is almost as great as for cardiovascular procedures and cesarean sections in the country. The reason most research points to this increase in orthopedic surgery is the more active lifestyles enjoyed by people as they age today, compared to generations past. With advanced technology, the dramatic improvement in today’s replacement joints and the benefits of new procedures, this is a very important surgical option for a large number of adults and seniors. Arthritis The most common reason adults may need a hip or a knee replacement through orthopedic surgery is because of the degenerative condition of arthritis. As the joint becomes less mobile and range of motion is restricted, is it not possible to maintain an active lifestyle and live without pain. With a replacement hip or knee, the problematic joint is completely replaced, eliminating the mobility restrictions as well as further degeneration and loss of movement. For most adults, replacing a hip or a knee through orthopedic surgery will allow them to go on the rest of their life without the pain associated with arthritis. Timing Talking to the doctor who will be performing your orthopedic surgery is important to determine if you are a good candidate. You will also want to discuss issues such as recovery time, rehabilitation needs and the availability of help and support. Everyone will have slightly different recovery concerns, and your doctor can assist you in providing a realist picture of the length of your recovery and how much assistance you will need. After the Surgery With both hip and knee orthopedic surgery, you will be up and moving around the day of or the day after your procedure, but this will be carefully monitored by your physical therapist. You will need to have assistance around the house for a few weeks or longer, and in some cases you may choose an in-patient rehab facility for the first few weeks of your recovery. This last option is more common with elderly patients or people who may have other concurrent health issues. Physical therapy will usually last for two months or more after the procedure. You will be limited to how much you exercise, and you should be able to drive, depending on your recovery after the orthopedic surgery procedure. When considering orthopedic surgery for a hip or knee replacement, or other health issues, visit the doctors at Suburban...

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