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Important Considerations When Choosing Baldor Electric Motors For Industrial Applications in Louisiana

Baldor products, including their line of electric motors, have a top reputation for durability, reliability and low maintenance requirements. In small and large industries across Louisiana, these motors provide the power to drive performance and production. As with any type of equipment, comparing the options in Baldor electric motors helps any company in selecting the right equipment for the job. When replacing an existing motor, comparing options also is essential, particularly if the current motor was not providing the performance required for the application. Size of the Load Regardless of the type of Baldor electric motors under consideration, including those running on AC, DC power or servo motors, it is essential to consider the size of the load when making a solution. The size of the load and the necessary speed, as well as the ability to accelerate and decelerate, should all be taken into consideration. Incorrectly matching these components results in decreased performance, shorter duty cycles and increased downtime on the line. Load Types In addition to the size of the load, the load type is essential to consider. The specific use of the motor will determine which industrial motor is the best choice. They can include variable or constant horsepower and torque in any combination. Other components, such as a gearbox, may need to be considered based on the application. There may also be the requirement for positional control, which is required when the movement of the equipment has to be precise across many possible positions is also a specialized consideration. Application Type Stop and consider if the motor needs to be used in an application requiring constant speed, variable speed or position control. These three possibilities are highly effective in narrowing down the Baldor electric motors ideally suited to the specific...

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Why Use A Foxboro Pressure Transmitter?

When making a choice of a specific brand, type, and model of any part or component in a system, engineers and designers have to consider the type of application, the environment where the component will have to operate as well as the specific needs for the part. In boilers and other types of processing and operating systems, the need for a reliable pressure transmitter to monitor and effectively provide data on the system is critical. For this reason, many professionals turn to the line of Foxboro pressure transmitters for everything from food and beverage production to coal and industrial product manufacturing. The benefits to the various lines of Foxboro pressure transmitters makes them a natural choice. The following are areas of consideration for any application that make the Foxboro line stand out from the competition in pressure transmitters. Options to Suit Any Requirements As can be understood from the broad range of applications for these pressure transmitters, this is a company that offers specialized products for specialized systems and requirements. Foxboro manufacturers pressure as well as level transmitters, including those in use to measure absolute, strain gauge and differential pressure. The company also provides a remote seal flanged level that offers the same quality of measurement. The Foxboro pressure transmitters are designed with a low profile, which makes them ideal even in very complex systems where size and height is a concern. Easy to install and very low maintenance over their lifetime, these pressure transmitters are known for reliability throughout their life cycle. Another very important reason to use a Foxboro product is the modular design of the electronic components with the pressure transmitter. This allows for easy replacement of one or more modules, if necessary, without the need to remove the pressure transmitter, decreasing the cost and any downtime on the system for these types of...

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Harrington Chain Hoist – Choosing the Right Option

Manufacturing processes often make use of hoists. These devices lift items, move products, and endure a lot of stress in the process. A Harrington chain hoist can be very effective for a variety of lifting situations. It’s important to access the hoist that best matches the application in order to achieve a safe lift and maximum operational efficiency. Types There are a variety of different types of hoists available. These hoists, including Harrington chain hoist models, are often placed overhead and connected to the ceiling. The constructions and configurations vary – however, there are three specific factors that define the type of hoist you may use for a particular application. The lifting medium is the component used to produce vertical motion of the hoist load. This medium can be either a rope or chain. The operation of a moist refers to the type of power used to operate its motion. The types of operation you can have with these hoists include manual, electric, and pneumatic power. Suspension refers to the method utilized to mount or suspend the hoist. The methods include hook, lug, and trolley mounted. Selecting the Right Hoist It’s important to plan properly if you’re going to select the right Harrington chain hoist. During the process of planning, operators, engineers, manufacturers, and other professionals may work in cooperation to determine the right type of hoist. The type of application involved can play a significant part in the type of hoist that is needed. For instance, does the hoist need to lift and move items, or only lift? Another factor involves the weight of the lift. In addition, the lift height, the location where the hoist will be mounted, and the interfaces use by the operator of the lift, i.e., hand chains, pendants, or push-button, are all important factors. A critical factor in selecting the right chain hoist is how often the hoist will be used. Electric chain hoist may be the optimum choice if loads are going to be lifted on a routine basis. If the hoist is only expected to be used on more limited occasions, a hand chain hoist may suffice. Your Application You can obtain more information by contacting an experienced wire rope and sling company with professionals who can advise you on various types of available chain hoist products for your particular...

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Rexnord Bearings: PT Select Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings

A name common to multiple industries in Texas is Rexnord. Bearings from this company have high ratings across the board. For more than 100 years, Rexnord has been producing bearings that meet the exacting standards of their customers. While they provide them with many options, in certain applications, the best type is the Rexnord spherical roller bearing. Spherical Roller Bearings Roller bearings by Rexnord/Link-Belt have always retained the trust of the industrial community. They offer a high thrust load carrying capacity and a wide range of performance options. It is easy to select different bore diameters, seal types and even shaft locking options. This makes their spherical roller bearings one of the more versatile products available on the market today. Recently, Rexnord has upped the ante even further with the release of the Rexnord Industrial Internet of Tings (IIoT) PT Select Mounted Spherical Roller Bearing. It comes built into a DiRXN digital productivity platform. This improves the ability of customers to access reliable and pertinent information on Rexnord bearings. This includes such concerns as installation and maintenance. It also helps to alleviate the potential for a Texas company relying on guesswork re choice for application suitability. Smart PT Select Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings This type of spherical roller bearing offers several features for its users. These include: A product-specific QR code A dedicated mobile app Continued high and proven quality backed by the standard Rexnord one-year warranty. Off-the-shelf solutions Seals engineered to increase the life of the bearings Companies in various industries, including aggregates and material packaging, find a use for this Rexnord product in conveyor, fan and blower systems. Rexnord Bearings Companies in Texas and Louisiana recognize the name Rexnord. Its quality products, including Rexnord bearings, indicate the durability, longevity and high quality of the products. Over the years, the company has produced any number of innovative solutions. Among the latest offerings is the PT Select Mounted Spherical Roller...

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The Chain Sling – Single, Double and Multi Leg Types

When it comes to lifting heavy loads, especially in industrial and construction settings, chain slings can be a very valuable component of the lifting process. Temperature resistant, strong and flexible, the chain sling enables industrial and other entities to lift loads subject to a range of different conditions. As with the lifting of any load, it is imperative that all necessary safety precautions are taken at all times. The different types of chain slings that are commonly used in various different scenarios include the single leg, double leg and the multi-leg sling. Different styles and sizes are available with these products. Let’s review these slings below: Single Single leg chain slings consist of, just as the name implies, a single chain length that serves to support the lifted load. The use of this sling requires the application of an even load distribution. Master links with Sling hooks, sling grab hooks and foundry hooks can all play a part in the application of the single chain sling. Other slings support an adjustable configuration; and still others support an endless basket configuration. With a grade 80 chain, you’ll find links sizes as large as 7/8 inch. Grade 100 chains can have links sizes that reach 1 ¼ inch. Although there is only a single leg chain involved, weight capacities can reach as high as 70,000 lb. Double There were two individual chain links that constitute the double leg chain sling. The choices provided with the double leg sling also include master links with a foundry, grab, or sling hook. You will find adjustable and double endless basket configurations available. Grade 80 and grade 100 chains are offered with the double sling version and have the same respective 7/8 inch and 1 ¼ inch links sizes. Some models can carry weight capacities that exceed 100,000 lb. Multi For weight capacities that exceed 180,000 pounds, a multi-leg sling properly configured can be the right choice. These sling configurations are used to lift very heavy items and come with three or more chains. They come in the same grades and sizes as mentioned above for the single and double chain slings. Prior to using or implementing any type of chain sling configuration, is very important that you and/or those putting together or using the configuration do so according to all required codes and...

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Understanding The Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter

Today, more than ever, the range of products and options available for any type of industrial flow rate measurement is often overwhelming. While this selection may be difficult to work through on your own, talking to a company that specializes in flow meters can be very helpful in narrowing down choices. For the measurement of conductive fluids, a Rosemount magnetic flow meter is often the recommendation most often provided. These use a magnetic field, actually an electromagnetic field, to measure the flow rate through the system and to detect any changes. How it Works The Rosemount magnetic flow meter uses a system approach. This allows the pairing of a sensor with a transmitter. The sensor is located in-line, with coils mounted to the outside of the pipe. The transmitter is used to drive the coils, creating the electromagnetic field through the pipe. As the liquid flows through the pipe and the field, the voltage is determined or sensed by the sensor. The faster the fluid in the pipe is traveling, the more change is detected by the electrodes of the sensor which are mounted on the walls of the pipe. Higher flow rates result in higher voltages which are sent from the sensor to the transmitter to be converted into usable data. Options to Consider With the Rosemount magnetic flow meter system, there is the option to have the transmitter installed at the location of the sensor or remotely. Both have their benefits, but remote installation in any application can be helpful in extending the life of the transmitter. These devices can be sensitive to extreme heat, cold or vibration, so keeping them in the control room is often the most effective option. An important advantage in selecting a flow meter system is the simplicity and design of the component. It doesn’t result in any restriction or slowdown of material through the pipe, and it can be used with both low and high volume systems and with gravity-fed...

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