Harrington Chain Hoist – Choosing the Right Option

Industrial Supplier

Manufacturing processes often make use of hoists. These devices lift items, move products, and endure a lot of stress in the process. A Harrington chain hoist can be very effective for a variety of lifting situations. It’s important to access the hoist that best matches the application in order to achieve a safe lift and maximum operational efficiency.

There are a variety of different types of hoists available. These hoists, including Harrington chain hoist models, are often placed overhead and connected to the ceiling. The constructions and configurations vary – however, there are three specific factors that define the type of hoist you may use for a particular application.

The lifting medium is the component used to produce vertical motion of the hoist load. This medium can be either a rope or chain.

The operation of a moist refers to the type of power used to operate its motion. The types of operation you can have with these hoists include manual, electric, and pneumatic power.

Suspension refers to the method utilized to mount or suspend the hoist. The methods include hook, lug, and trolley mounted.

Selecting the Right Hoist
It’s important to plan properly if you’re going to select the right Harrington chain hoist. During the process of planning, operators, engineers, manufacturers, and other professionals may work in cooperation to determine the right type of hoist.
The type of application involved can play a significant part in the type of hoist that is needed. For instance, does the hoist need to lift and move items, or only lift?

Another factor involves the weight of the lift. In addition, the lift height, the location where the hoist will be mounted, and the interfaces use by the operator of the lift, i.e., hand chains, pendants, or push-button, are all important factors.

A critical factor in selecting the right chain hoist is how often the hoist will be used. Electric chain hoist may be the optimum choice if loads are going to be lifted on a routine basis. If the hoist is only expected to be used on more limited occasions, a hand chain hoist may suffice.

Your Application
You can obtain more information by contacting an experienced wire rope and sling company with professionals who can advise you on various types of available chain hoist products for your particular application.