Plan Well In Advance For A US Virgin Island Yacht Rental


The United States Virgin Islands as well as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), are becoming more and more popular as a vacation destination for many different reasons. While in the past these islands were a well-kept vacation destination secret, today the USVI and the BVI are more active in marketing for tourism, increasing the number of visitors on an annual basis.

The result of this increase in tourism is great for the Islands, and it is also great for tourists. There are more luxury resorts and accommodation on all the islands in both the USVI as well as the BVI, as well as increased activities, things to see and do and developed and natural beach areas and special events.

However, this has also increased the demands for US Virgin Island yacht rentals, which means that the established companies and services often find they are booked months in advance, especially during the busy summer and Christmas tourist seasons.

Startup Services
To address the demand for rentals, there are a growing number of startup yacht rental services on the islands. While these may be well-operated, with only a season or two of working with clients there is very little information available online or through travel websites.

There is nothing worse than discovering the US Virgin Island yacht rentals selected offer poor quality service, an inexperienced captain and crew, or a boat that lacks the luxuries and amenities you expect.

To avoid these types of disappointments, book at least three to six months in advance whenever possible, allowing you to select from the top rated, established yacht rental companies on the island.

Your Time on the Yacht
With top US Virgin Island yacht rentals the service will typically pre-plan your time on the water. You may want to choose half day or full day trip, or even a longer overnight or multiple day and night rental.

If you have specific destinations in mind throughout the islands, be sure to mention in advance. Your captains and crew can then plan a logical approach to see all the highlights you want to take in.

It is also possible to simply provide the yacht rental service with your interests. For example, you may want to spend a day scuba diving or visiting some of the many historical areas. This allows the service to design the perfect itinerary and to customize a vacation you will never forget.

To avoid disappointment, Blue Mystic Charters recommends booking your US Virgin Island yacht rentals as early as possible before your next visit. You can book online through the website at