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Most Effective Ways to Overcome Permanent Eyebrow’s Problem

Permanent eyebrows are becoming more and more popular. Permanent eyebrows are no longer the chunky, marker-filled in tattoos. Today’s eyebrows are performed by highly-trained professions to provide the correct color and techniques for natural looking blended eyebrows. JMarie Skin Studio is a boutique medical spa that offers a full line of skin care treatment options and serving all permanent makeup needs. Although the application of permanent eyebrows or nipple tattoos are safe, the procedures are not free of potential problems. As with anything, the more you know, the more you can protect yourself and avoid issues. Many of these issues can be avoided by simply keeping the area clean. Avoid using makeup or anything on the site until your skin heals. One issue that occurs regularly is redness around the site. Some slight redness around the site is normal. This will usually clear up in 2-3 days. Anything beyond that could be a sign of infection. An infection can turn into cellulitis and needs to be treated immediately. Most infections can be treated with an antibiotic cream. Another normal condition is scabbing which can last up to seven days. Swelling is another symptom that occurs frequently. If the swelling does occur, apply a cold pack to the skin to reduce swelling, pain, and tenderness. Avoid using a triple antibiotic ointment which contains neomycin. Many people develop a rash when this is applied to the tattooed area. Tell the technician if you have a wound, cut, burn or rash at the site where the tattoo will be applied. There is an increased risk of skin infections if a nipple tattoo or permanent eyebrows are applied in that area. Although problems associated with permanent eyebrows or nipple tattoos are low, more information is always helpful. The main thing to consider is keeping the site clean. Follow us on Twitter for latest...

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Experience The Magic Of Eyelash Extensions In Grand Rapids

Eyelashes are one feature that most women spend a lot of time on. They use mascara and other types of eye makeup to enhance the appearance of their lashes and highlight their eyes. However, the problem with mascara is that it often clumps in your lashes, not to mention the fact that it smudges easily. If you want to add even more vibrant life to your eyelashes, making them look naturally longer, fuller and darker without having to put on mascara, then you can opt for getting eyelash extensions in Grand Rapids. Many women have already discovered just how amazing, satisfying and even addicting this beauty treatment is! What Are Eyelash Extensions In Grand Rapids? If you are frustrated with your natural eyelashes and think they could use a boost, then eyelash extensions may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. During an eyelash extension treatment, false eyelashes are attached to each individual lash on your eyes with medical grade adhesive. Lash extensions are waterproof and can be made from one of several different materials, including mink, silk and synthetic hair. They are also made in a variety of different lengths, thicknesses and shapes and have different degrees of curling. When you get an appointment to get eyelash extensions, a specialist will help you decide which eyelashes would suit your face and flatter you best. In the end, though, the look you are going for is entirely up to you. You can even choose from several different colors, from one similar to your own lashes to dark, lush looking ones to exotic colors that are sure to make you stand out and bring you many compliments and a style all your own. Eyelash extensions only last for about three or four weeks, but you can get them redone. What You Should Know About Eyelash Extensions Before you go to get eyelash extensions, remember that this is a process that takes several hours and since each false lash is being applied individually to each natural lash, you will need to keep your eyes still and closed the whole time. Eyelash extensions only last for a few weeks and you can make sure they last as long as possible by doing a few things. Oil will loosen the lashes sooner and make them fall out faster, so you should try not to rub your eyes too much and avoid oil-based makeup. Are you ready for a change in your lashes? Go to our website at to find out about eyelash extensions in Grand...

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