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How to Make Art From a Sculpting Ice Block in Long Island, NY

Ice sculptures are some of the most amazing and intricate pieces of art. The fleeting nature of the medium makes the work seem even more precious. Artists that create these masterpieces know a lot of tips and tricks to make the process easier for them. Anyone that wants to try their own skill at ice carving should follow their lead, even if it is just to make a drink luge. Buy Some Ice Most people do not have the room or equipment needed to make a block of ice large enough to carve. A professionally made sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY gives people enough material to work with and is the clear, glass-like ice used by artists. Make certain the block is large enough to allow a few mistakes in the beginning. Find a Freezer Unless the temperatures outside will remain below freezing for the entire time it takes to make the carving and wait for the event; a walk-in freezer is a necessity. If the block is outside, remember to shield the ice from all sunlight. The sun can melt a sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY even if the temperatures stay below freezing. Have the Tools Ice sculptors need tools like chainsaws, grinders, sanders, heat guns, chisels, and hand saws. Each artist customizes their toolbox to their preference, so plan to have plenty of extra items on hand. Remember to have water available too. If a piece of the ice breaks off, it can be reapplied by wetting and freezing. Start the Masterpiece Professional carvers often begin by removing any exterior imperfections. Ice blocks sometimes begin to melt during their delivery, and dents and dings are common. The removal of these marks helps to prevent any blemishes on the finished carving. Eliminate the imperfections, and the sculpting can begin. It is rare for anyone to create a perfect sculpture on their first attempt. A small design or something with simple lines is a good first project for beginners. Of course, it is important to have a supplier for the ice. Visit to learn more about what type of ice blocks are available in the...

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The Many Advantages of Ice Cube Wholesale in Long Island, NY

Whether an individual is opening up a restaurant or some sort of convenience store, one thing that is fairly common is ice. Ice is often available when a person purchases a fountain drink or if a person simply needs a bag of ice to put in there cooler to keep their drinks cold on a long road trip. However, what many restaurant or convenience store owners failed to understand is that having a cooler to store ice is not the same as having a machine that actually makes ice. These machines can get quite expensive, which is why many people in the Long Island area turned to ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY. Ice Blocks A wholesaler can offer a wide range of products to restaurants and convenience stores or basically any retail location that offers ice products. Sometimes, restaurants will need large blocks of ice or decorative ice sculptures. Since not many restaurants have the capability of creating large blocks of ice, an ice cube wholesaler is a perfect option. Retail Ice Requirements For restaurants and convenience stores that provide ice for fountain drinks or provide ice in bags for resale, having an area to store the ice is fairly simple. Some businesses don’t have the financial resources to purchase an actual ice making machine, to say nothing about purchasing a machine that would be able to keep up with the demands of a busy restaurant or convenience store. In these cases, whether it’s ice to fill up fountain machine ice dispensaries or whether it’s bags of ice that are sold to customers, ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY can provide any ice needs that a restaurant, a convenience store or even a major grocery retailer could possibly have. If you’re in the food service industry or the food retail industry in Long Island, you may want to consider partnering with a service like Ice Fuel LI. With their ability to offer a wide range of ice products in quantities both big and small, this ice wholesaler may be exactly what you need. Working with these wholesalers can help reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain an ice making machine, and with wholesale prices, you would be hard-pressed to find a more affordable option for all of your retail ice...

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A Supplier of Ice Cube Wholesale in Long Island, NY Understands That Craving on Hot Summer Days

On the hottest days of the summer, people looking for a cold beverage to drink or an air-conditioned environment may be dreaming of ice. They imagine frosty glasses with condensation running down the sides and they can almost taste the icy liquid. Suppliers of ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY understand what it’s like to want a beverage poured over ice cubes right now. That beverage might even just be a glass of tap water, but the frozen cubes make it more refreshing than it would be otherwise on a sweltering summer day. Seeking a Precious Commodity When someone is hot, sweaty, and tired and just wants something cold to drink, ice feels like a precious commodity. A person may think back to the harsh winter of several months ago, wondering why there was so much complaining about icicles hanging from the drainage gutters and having to chip bits of ice from the windshield. If only those pieces of frozen water were available now. When a Glacier Isn’t Readily Available This individual thinks of bottled water derived from glaciers, one of the largest sources of ice on the planet. Suppliers of ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY cannot deliver a whole glacier to a commercial establishment, a large social gathering, or a music festival, but they can deliver bags of ice as ordered. Adding those ice cubes to a glass of bottled water poured into a glass can make the water seem like it is being consumed directly from the glacier itself. The Convenience of Bagged Ice Cubes Ice forms naturally in the winter on lakes, rivers, and streams. In today’s world, people don’t want to go out to a nearby waterway and chop ice to bring inside. They’d rather have the convenience of ice cubes supplied from a company such as Long Island Ice & Fuel. Even when they just need one bag from the convenience store so they have enough ice for a backyard party, they might notice that this is the supplier listed on that bag. Please visit the website to learn details about this particular...

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Create Your Own Design With a Sculpting Ice Block in Suffolk County, NY

It is important to realize that not everyone is capable of creating their own ice sculpture. Completing this sort of project requires patience, time, and artistic ability. If done well, it will be a huge source of pride for the designer, but there are a lot of problems that may happen along the way. Anyone still determined to create their own icy artwork will benefit from these tips. #1 – Have the right tools. Creating a professional-looking ice sculpture is only possible with the right tools. This includes purchasing a sculpting ice block in Suffolk County, NY, having access to a walk-in cooler or freezer to prevent melting while the sculpting takes place, and a variety of tools including; * A cutting level * A chisel * A cutting square * Straps for securing the block * A cutting straight edge * A torch to melt the ice quickly when welding pieces together Avoid trying to make the block of ice at home or in the walk-in cooler or freezer. Ice companies use specific methods to guarantee that their blocks are perfectly clear and bubble-free. #2 – Choose a simple design. Avoid trying something challenging for a first attempt and begin with a simple design. Consider creating a chilled display table for food or a punch bowl. Choose displays with large, basic shapes rather than intricate carvings. Make a snowman or a simple martini luge by carving a channel in the ice and use it to funnel liquor at the bar. #3 Store and transport the ice carefully. The sculpture must stay in the freezer until the last possible moment. Wrap it carefully to transport it to the event. Start by covering it completely with large plastic bags. Follow this by wrapping with a sleeping bag to provide padding and to keep the sculpture insulated. Lay the sculpture down in the vehicle or secure it carefully. Turn the heat off if transporting inside a vehicle. Making an ice sculpture is time-consuming and very difficult. The ice is easy to crack and break, and proper storage is required to prevent melting or damage. Ice art is expensive because it does take a lot of time and is not something everyone can do. A Sculpting Ice Block in Suffolk County NY is available from companies like Long Island Ice & Fuel, and they also recommend several talented sculpture companies if the project is more difficult than...

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Using an Ice Luge in Long Island NY: Creative Comes First in the Big Apple

A special event needs a little something extra to really be special. Sure, that could come with some great camaraderie and some wonderful meals for everyone there, but sometimes it takes an addition that is unique, innovative, and exciting. An ice luge is perhaps one of the only special event additions that seems to include all three. It encourages a bit of rambunctious fun without being excessive. An ice luge is an often underutilized inclusion to a wedding, bachelor party, and anything in between. Long Island Ice and Fuel will deliver custom cut ice to an event exactly as requested. There are many ways to utilize an Ice Luge in Long Island NY, and not just in the form of a luge. Luge Tracks The actual block itself can be cut into a luge, of course. A luge usually has two tracks, but it can have upwards of three or even four. For those who do not know, an ice luge is a block of ice that gets tracks or grooves cut into it. This is where shots come down the luge and into a shot glass, where the alcohol is chilled on the way down. Ice luges are not always designed as tracks. Sometimes, they can take liquid of any kind and funnel it in other ways, such as a circular top. Other ice sculpture designers may put a spin on the classic luge. For example, they can freeze sliced fruit or other items into the ice to give it this alluring style. Carvings A luge can have some carvings in it that fit the theme of the event. They could also be used as a standalone sort of decoration. These ice sculptures can be incredibly detailed and consist of some of the most amazing designwork. Though it melts, it will remain in the hearts of all the guests. This large Ice Luge in Long Island NY an come in just about any shape or size. With some innovation and creativity, an ice luge can go from normal to extraordinary- and really shine a light on that special...

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How to Make Your Own Ice Luge in Long Island, NY

Do you want to try something different when it comes to having your drinks served, and are wanting to attempt making your own luge at home? Often, hiring a company to make an Ice Luge in Long Island NY can be expensive. Do not worry though, as this article will give you information about how to create your own luge at home. First and foremost, when making your own luge, you need a 10-20 pound block of ice. If you can get a clear block, that will be the best. If you cannot buy one from the store, and you have a few days to make it, you can always slowly freeze the block yourself. To do so, you will need an ice chest that you can fill with water and slowly freeze. This will take anywhere from 24-48 hours, depending on how big the block of ice is. Once you have the ice, you have a couple of ways to proceed with making the luge. The first way to do it is to use a lighter that has a strong direct flame. You will need to take a key or any other hard object and trace the path that the shots will take through the luge. Once you have traced the path, you can then use the direct flame lighter to melt the ice in the pattern you have drawn. The next way that you can make a homemade luge is to use salt. For this method, you will need to etch a path with a key or other metal object first. After etching the path, you will then take plain table salt and carefully pour the salt into the etched path. Allow the salt to sit for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the salt carefully and then add more salt, again allowing it to sit for 15-20 minutes. Continue to do this until you reach the depth you would like. As a side note, run a few glasses of cold water through the luge to get rid of any lingering salt. In conclusion, as you can see, making your own Ice Luge in Long Island NY, can be fairly easy. If you try it and are unhappy with the result, it may be a good idea to contact a professional. If you need further assistance from a professional, visit for more...

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