Retail Ice Cubes on Long Island, NY: A Long Way From the 19th Century

Ice Cube

Before refrigeration and freezer appliances proliferated, people had to buy ice in large chunks they could use to keep food cold in an icebox. Today, retail ice cubes on Long Island, NY, are convenient for buying by the bag for social gatherings or just always having cubes on hand. Historically, without the ability to freeze water with machines, it was necessary to gather naturally occurring ice and ship it to other locations.

The Success of the Ice Trade

An effort known as the ice trade developed in the 1800s, during which time workers cut large pieces from frozen ponds and other waterways. Those chunks were wrapped in straw and then shipped to eager buyers in other locations. Later, it was discovered that the frozen blocks would last longer when packed tightly together and insulated with sawdust. Eventually, ice from North America would be shipped as far away as India.

A Remarkable Amount of Progress

Even this level of production began allowing many people to purchase blocks of ice from retailers. It was still a long way from today’s ability to buy large bags of retail ice cubes on Long Island, NY, to use in drinks and to stock coolers. Customers especially appreciate cubes from producers who provide ice that is clear instead of cloudy, even though the taste is the same. Aesthetics can be important when the cubes are used in cocktails and soft drinks.

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