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Create Waterproof, Non-Fading Ads with a Solvent Printer

You probably see materials produced by a solvent printer every day. Did you ever wonder why billboards don’t seem to fade in the glaring sun? Or why vinyl decals that advertise dog grooming on the side of trucks always looks like new? What about that bumper sticker that promotes your favorite candidate? You’ve had that on your car for a while now and it still looks perfect. The reason all of those materials can withstand being outdoors is because they were made using a printer that had solvent inks. Instead of being colored with dyes, solvent inks are made with color pigments that are extremely resistant to fading. Solvent inks are great for printing on flexible solvent media (usually vinyl substrates) and can be used to produce window decals, banners, billboards and other printed material that can be in the sun. Not only are materials produced by a solvent printer fade-resistant, but they also tend to be waterproof. Inks that rely on dyes are usually water-based, which means that they will run or bleed if they get wet, but solvent-based inks are both sun-proof and rain-proof, which is why they are perfect for any outdoor signage. At the same time, a printer that utilizes solvent ink does need to be used in a well-ventilated area, since solvent-based inks are extremely vaporous. There are mild solvent inks on the market that do not require so much ventilation, but they are not vapor-free like water-based inks. Nevertheless, these mild solvent inks have improved greatly over the last several years, and they are increasingly being used because they are inexpensive and provide bright, bold, vibrant colors. A solvent printer is also a wide-format printer, meaning it can print large items such as banners, posters, billboard panels and the like. These printers have revolutionized the printing industry because it is now less costly to produce advertising and promotional material, and there is no longer a huge set-up fee like there was with offset printing. Now, once an image has been designed and digitized, it can simply be sent to the printer, and in a very short time, a finished product is available. Items produced by a solvent printer are all around us. In fact, if you look around, you can probably see some right now. Colorful, waterproof and fade-resistant, solvent printing. If you’re in need of a solvent printer, call CalComp Graphic Solutions. CalComp Graphic Solutions is the number one supplier of large-format digital solutions dedicated to providing advice, insight, knowledge, products and services. Whether you need products, services, on-site warranties or tech support on whatever you buy from us, rest easy knowing that you’re dealing with professionals you can trust. Call CalComp...

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Electric Skylights – The Future is Now

If you are thinking of installing a skylight in your roof, you ought to consider electric skylights. If you have done your research on sky lighting, you may have come across the two main categories of skylights. There are those skylights that are fixed in position. These are the most common. There are also those that can be moved (or are mobile). Mobile skylights can be opened to allow heat, air, and more light into the room. You can practically let the outdoors in. These skylights may consist of sliding panes that open in a sliding motion or vented panes that open outward or inward like a trap door. Mobile skylights may be electric or manual. We live in an age of convenience. Inventors and designers look for the most convenient design and adopt it to suit your needs. The same is being applied to skylights. Many homeowners are opting for electric skylights, as they offer convenience that manual skylights cannot. Electric skylights for instance do not require you to run up and close them. All you have to do is simply press a button on a remote or a switch in the wall and the skylights slide shut. Some skylights even have built in sensors. These sensors are sensitive to the elements. If your skylight were open and it started to snow or rain, the skylight would automatically shut to prevent the rain or snow from getting in. This is an especially useful feature for those who work away from home and are likely to forget that they left their skylights open. Such a feature would save you a lot of money and time’s worth in repairing damaged carpets, floors, and furniture. Electrically powered skylights also offer the advantage of modern style and elegance. Including these modern skylights in your home will result in an increase in its property value. Many homeowners have seen the value of their homes rise by several thousands of dollars by simply installing a skylight. The skylight will also contribute to the décor of your home giving it that modern elegant touch. Many people shy away from installing these electrically powered skylights, as they are quite expensive to install. There are a wide range of designs and orientations to choose from. Some of these designs are quite affordable. If you are worried about all the work that goes into laying cables for the installation of any permanent electric device in your home, you may opt for solar powered electric skylights. These skylights do not take as much time to install. There are no cables laid and the installation instructions are easy. You can do it yourself and cut the cost of hiring a...

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Cleaning Grime from Tiles and Grouting

Mopping and waxing your floors daily and wiping your shower down after every use are good cleaning habits, but it probably isn’t enough to keep your tiles from accumulating a build-up of grime. Without applying intense pressure and scrubbing, tile counter tops, bathtubs, and other areas of your property consisting of tile will gradually collect grime that is hard to clean, especially in the grouting which tends to turn gray and even black over time. This is not their natural, intended appearance. One option is professional tile cleaning in Austin, and another is to attack the grime and scrub the grout yourself. Doing it yourself is difficult, but may not be impossible if you prefer not to hire a tile cleaning professional in Austin. There are three general steps to take in order to clean your tile and restore your grout to its original state and color: 1. Prepare the tile with a chemical detergent. Over the course of time, dirt and grime has been absorbed by your tiles, which is why it is so hard to effectively clean. Purchasing a detergent that will work on the molecular level to dislodge dirt from the tile and make cleaning an easier process is an essential first step. Licensed tile cleaning services in Austin can provide you with further information on what the best, non-toxic sprays are and will usually perform this step themselves if hired to clean your tiles. 2. You will need to purchase or rent a tile cleaning tool that applies high pressure in lifting grime and scrubbing the surface you wish to clean. There are many different tile and grout cleaning brands on the market that start at about $1,000 and can be as expensive as $4,000, depending on what kind of accessories you purchase with your unit. When using, apply more exertion towards problem areas to fully disengage dirt and grout from your tiles. 3. After speed drying your tiles, apply grout sealant in order to protect your grouting from absorbing dirt and grime in the future. Sealant makes your grouting and tile look like new and is also standard practice for tile cleaning professionals in Austin. If you are restoring surfaces that have suffered damage due to flooding, fire, or other accidents, you may want to consult with a professional tile cleaning company in Austin in order to do a thorough and expedient job. Commercial products for average consumers usually are not enough to do the complete job, and too much exertion may damage your tile...

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What to Look for When Buying Ranch Horses

Recently, CBS News reported on a ranch horse breeder who was charged with over 30 counts of animal cruelty. Investigators discovered that several of the horses on his ranch were not receiving proper care. According to the news report, the owner faces a fine of $3,000 and/or one year in jail for each of the 35 counts of animal cruelty with which he was charged. Humane society officials reported that investigators had received several complaints about the ranch from people concerned about the safety of the horses. When they went to the ranch,authorities found excessive accumulations of feces, inadequate fencing and contaminated water. When investigators removed the horses from the ranch, the horses had various health issues, such as lice infestations, chipped and cracked hooves, and malnourishment. Fortunately, most ranch horses are not kept in such conditions. If you are looking for ranch horses fors ale, you will be able to tell right away if your breeder cares about horses by the way the ranch looks and by how the horses interact with humans. When buying a ranch horse, it is important to pay attention to the general well-being of the horse. Look at the horse’s eyes and feet, listen to its breathing, watch the horse’s gait, and look for problems with the legs. If you are looking for a performance horse, you should have your personal vet do a performance check, but if the horse will be used for general ranch work, your own assessment of the animal should be sufficient. Next, observe the animal’s temperament. You want a horse that is easy to be around, not one that is skittish or spooks easily. How does the horse react to other horses? Is the horse easy to handle and ride? Horses have personalities, just as people do, and the horse’s general temperament is not going to change once you purchase it. Make sure you and the horse are comfortable with each other. Breeders who have ranch horses for sale should be more than happy to have you come to the ranch to check out their facilities and horses. If they are not, you should probably purchase your ranch horses elsewhere. When looking at the horses, do everything that you will want to do as the owner. If you plan on riding the horse, get on the horse and ride it. If you will need to trailer the horse, see how well it trailers with just you handling it. If everything is in order, then it may be the horse for you. Whitley Ranch, one of the top horse and cattle breeding operations in Southeast Texas, has ranch horses for sale. A producer of some of the highest-quality Brangus cattle...

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Your First Taxicab Ride

Taxicabs are a very efficient mode of transportation for those visiting San Antonio. There are quite a few people who have used taxicab service more than a handful of times in their lives, and these individuals often have nothing but great things to say about whichever company they chose to give them a ride. That said, suppose you’ve never taken a taxi before; what then? How can you know what to expect if you’ve never used this form of San Antonio transportation in the past? Ideally, your first taxi ride should be as comfortable and easy as possible. However, there are a few things you should plan for when booking transportation in San Antonio. First thing’s first: Even though taxicab services are a widespread resource that can be utilized by just about anyone, it’s important to remember that they are still a business. As such, they have an immutable duty toward their customers, and they should go the extra mile in order to ensure that every passenger is satisfied with the transportation that they paid for. You should never feel as though you have to put your trust in the first taxi service you see; feel free to do a little research and pick the one that best suits your needs. A good San Antonio transportation company will make sure that its vehicles are well maintained. The passenger should feel comfortable and secure from the moment they get into the car to the time when they reach their destination. Pick a San Antonio transportation company that is well-known for keeping its taxicabs as pristine as possible. It’s generally agreed that you should never accept a ride from a taxicab service that does not make the effort to keep its vehicles clean for the benefit of customers. You have options, and the vast majority of transportation companies out there will be more than willing to accommodate you. Furthermore, people who have never taken advantage of this mode of San Antonio transportation often express concern over whether or not their assets will be covered in the event of a traffic accident. As most people know, if you get into an accident with your own vehicle, most of your expenses can be covered by your insurance company. But what happens if the taxi you’re in is involved in a road collision? Fortunately, there’s little need to worry at all. Transportation companies like these are required to purchase insurance on all their vehicles in order to ensure the safety of their passengers and all their belongings. Because of this, there’s no reason to fear booking a ride from a San Antonio taxi company as long as you know that they’re...

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