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What is a Centrifugal Pump?

If you are in the processing business, you may need to use several types of pumps to keep materials moving through your facility. One of the most common and effective pump types is called centrifugal pumps. You can find a wide range of them from your Ampco pumps distributor. But what are these things and how do they work? Let’s take a closer look to find out. Spinning Action When something spins, it creates centrifugal force. If you grab a bucket of water and swing it quickly over your head, it won’t spill on you because of the force applied from the rotation of the bucket. In fact, the earth spinning on its axis creates a force called gravity that holds us to the ground and makes life on planet earth possible. So how does this effect centrifugal type Ampco pumps? A centrifugal pump uses a spinning impeller inside of a casing. When liquid enters one end of the mechanism, the impeller rotation sucks in the liquid and expels it out the other end. Although this is a very simple process, it is highly effective for moving liquids from one area to another. Different Than Positive Displacement Pumps Some pumps move materials by pushing them with gears or pistons. For example, when a plunger moves backward it creates suction that pulls liquid in (intake port). As the plunger moves forward, it pushes the liquid out of an exhaust or exit port. The plunger (piston) moves back and forth due to the reciprocating action of a crankshaft, flywheel, or spring. Benefits Centrifugal Ampco pumps can move large amounts of liquids within a relatively short time period. The pumping action is directly proportional to the speed of the impeller rotation. This lets you throttle the flow rate without the need for a pressure relief valve (as with positive displacement...

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The Dry Vacuum Pump: Oil Free To Eliminate Contamination

Vacuum systems have several basic applications: 1. To remove excess air 2. To eliminate surplus reactants and/or undesirable by-products 3. To decrease the boiling point 4. To dry dissolved substances 5. To create a pressure variance for instigating material transport Very different types of vacuum pumps are available to fill these diverse purposes, including the dry vacuum pump oil free and ready to eliminate contamination issues. Dry or Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps: The Basics Vacuum technology has been changing over the past few years. New pumps are making it easier for providing certain services. In the past decade, the common oil-sealed (OS) mechanical rotary pump is no longer as common in specific applications. Instead, several industrial concerns are looking to dry vacuum pumps. A dry vacuum pump, oil free essentially, is in demand in industries where the production process does not want or cannot have oil. This type of pump does not employ any process fluid. This avoids the problem of any leaking into the production procedure. Food processing, pharmaceuticals and many laboratories involved in research simply cannot risk oil contamination. They, therefore, prefer what a dry vacuum pump offers. They can choose from any of the following types:  * Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps: These dry positive-displacement pumps operate using a pulsing motion  * Scroll Vacuum Pumps: Also known as scroll vacuum pumps or spiral compressors, these utilize two Archimedean spiral scroll pumps to compress, pressurize or pump liquids  * Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps: These are highly efficient pumps Selection will depend upon the intended use, the material involved and the environment. Vacuum Pump: Oil Free for Reason Dry vacuum pumps are an alternative to OS pumps. Many industries prefer them. This vacuum pump oil free in nature, eliminates severe problems such as oil contamination. Installing such a pump also removes the need for traps and filters. The pumps also readily operate in various environments including labs and food processing...

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Do You Have Trouble with Your Business?

Have you ever arrived at the office to find chaos, people running around seemingly not knowing what to do? You might learn that there is a hazmat problem, or similar, and no one knows what to do. Thankfully there are no injuries, but you must find out what is wrong and fix it. The big problem isn’t that, however, it’s this: your company does not have an emergency plan for any of the dangers this industry provides. You might have things like the required electronic monitors to ‘sniff’ the air for hazardous gases, or perhaps a company policy that requires each employee at risk to carry and use respirators. However, the problem still has to be located and repaired. No Outside Help The company you own or managed might not be prepared to handle even this level of emergency; you have the safety equipment required to keep employees safe, such as gas masks, safety harnesses, hard hats and even steeled toed shoes, but if there is no safety plan to handle this emergency, you might be in big trouble. You might have always intended to implement a safety program, but other things happen, and you might get busy. Now there is no one to respond to this problem and resolve it. Now the downtime is going to cost a lot more than it should. What Do You Do? It’s time to get a safety plan in place, and now you have to implement an incident response policy and find the right people to respond to and handle the problem. Well, that is easier than it might sound. Some companies specialize in just that, and can send in the emergency response team. They recruit, train and equip the best from every facet of the safety business.  Their structure is such that they can outsource the right people to your business who know when and how to respond. When trouble happens, you are ready for it. If you want to learn more about working with a professional emergency response team, then contact Code Red Safety. Reach them online at...

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Comparing Your Options For Nuts and Bolts Suppliers In Omaha

For any construction, building or manufacturing company in Omaha, having the right suppliers with quality products, good prices and value-added services are always important. Not only will this provide smooth operation of the business, but it will help to keep projects on budget and prevent downtime in waiting for parts and supplies to arrive. Sometimes, in all the hurry and concern about the big parts, the orders for the nuts & bolts don’t get much attention. Failing to have these essential components on hand can cause the same downtime and productivity issues as the big parts, so finding the right supplier is just as crucial. General Contractor Supplies Many companies choose to go with the general contract supply stores. These may be actual outlets or supply depots in Omaha, or they may be online stores that provide delivery from other locations. The biggest issue with these general contract suppliers for nuts & bolts is the long turnaround time from order to delivery. If they have to order in materials to complete your order, it can be days before arrival. Prices are typically competitive but not exceptional, and there will be limited value-added services. Big Box Hardware Stores The big box hardware store is really the last option for nuts & bolts for most companies. These stores, which are the big chain stores, tend to have a limited selection of all but standard sizes and they typically cannot fill large orders from on-hand inventory. Specialized and Custom Suppliers The best option to ordering fasteners of all types and sizes as well as related materials is to find a specialized fastener supply company. This will provide you with the best selection and the option to have custom machined parts and fasteners made to meet your project requirements. Look at these types of specialized suppliers for fast turnaround time on orders, same day delivery services, free shipping and a host of other value-added...

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What To Consider When Shopping For Fristam Pumps

Fristam is a manufacture of centrifugal pumps and twin screw pumps that are used throughout the sanitary industry. Whether it for the production of food or beverages or in pharmaceutical applications, you will find Fristam Pumps in both large and small facilities and production companies. There are several reasons why these pumps have become a standard in this very demanding industry. First, the company focuses only on these industries and specializes in the design and manufacturing of pumps and blenders. It has a long history of over a hundred years of providing cutting edge technology, first in the dairy industry and then branching out to include processing industries as well. Design Differences Each of the Fristam Pumps on the market is designed to have a minimal number of parts that are potential weak links in the pump’s life cycle and performance. This is designed to have very limited needs for maintenance and replacement and to also have a longer life cycle than other similar types of pumps on the market. Model Selection Making a choice between the different Fristam Pumps on the market starts with taking a very close look at your needs and requirements. The company offers a standard and heavy duty model of centrifugal pump, both which are designed for specific applications. The heavy duty model is recommended for high-temperature liquids; vacuum withdrawal needs from evaporators or for the more viscous or mixed viscosity types of processing. The company also offers a self-priming pump. The unique design of this pump is ideal when the air is entrained within the product. It is also ideal when Clean In Place processes are used, and there is the need for full evacuation of the system during the process. This is also the pump recommended for shear sensitive types of materials such as many dairy products as well as eggs and yeast. It is a good idea to compare the different options in pumps from Fristam before making a decision. Authorized distributors can be helpful in evaluating your needs and matching your processing needs to the best pump for the...

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High Quality Metal Fabrications in Pensacola Florida

No one can afford to waste time or money on delays in the delivery of vital goods and services. This particularly holds true with any enterprise dependent on high-quality metal fabrication and finishing work. As a result, industrial clients subcontract with professional service companies specializing in metal fabrication. This ensures the quick and efficient completion of vital sub-assemblies needed to complete their own production work. Machining shops regularly engaged with Metal Fabrications in Pensacola Florida have on hand a complete array of the latest metalworking tools available, including everything from drill presses, lasers, and hydro-jets to large lathes, vertical milling machines, and welding equipment. Fabrication shops fashion completed metal parts and structures through precision cutting, sawing, bending, shearing, or chiseling to reshape plate steel or aluminum. Welding is then utilized for assembly and is performed by certified technicians with oxy-acetylene or plasma torches. All work follows outlines provided by contractor’s blueprints and complete sets of specifications. With this information, technicians have an exact guide as to what a client needs for a finished product. When the fabrication work is completed, final assembly and installation can proceed. One advantage afforded through contracting with a large fabrication shop is convenience. Everything a client requires can be found in the one location, dispensing with any need to seek different vendors to acquire materials or perform services. In addition to having the necessary equipment and personnel available, the facility also has on the premises a large supply of plate metal. These plates come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses as well as types of metal to meet any specification. This streamlines the process involved in completing a project and enables the client to control all costs for materials acquisition in addition to those for the actual work. US Machine Services Inc has served clients in the Mobile, Miami, and Pensacola metropolitan areas for 11 years. The company has handled projects for both small and large scale operations and is equipped with state-of-the-art machining tools and presses to perform any task involving Metal Fabrications in Pensacola Florida. The staff will help with all details involving the project and ensure that the work will be completed as specified, on schedule, and within budget. Contact them...

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