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Men and Women Want Different Things

In Florida, as elsewhere, the dating scene for singles has never been more laden with opportunity. With a myriad of dating services, matchmaking agencies, and web sites, singles looking for a spouse have almost unlimited choices. But even with such a diverse selection, both men and women hoping to make a long-term commitment often can’t seem to find the right person. So what’s the problem? It could be that both men and women aren’t sure what the opposite sex is looking for in a spouse. The good news is that there is plenty of data out there to help them. Surprise, Florida ladies: It’s not just about your looks. A dating site recently surveyed its male clients about the qualities they want in a wife. At the top of the list? Honesty and integrity, which a whopping 49 percent of men listed as the most desirable trait in a wife. Looks weighed in at number two (42 percent), followed – seeing a pattern here? – by fidelity and loyalty, which 34 percent of respondents mentioned. The remaining qualities in the top 10 were intelligence, sexiness, kindness, love, a caring attitude, good communication skills, and a positive spirit. Other qualities mentioned by single men included a sense of humor, shared interest, and values. Sure, looks rate pretty highly for men when it comes to choosing a wife. But it’s important to note that beauty is considered only one part of a complex package. That should reassure marriage-minded single gals that men are looking for something more than a Barbie doll. What’s also interesting to note is that more than 25 percent of the male respondents listed loyalty as the number-one quality they would seek in a spouse. So what are single women looking for in a mate? Men may be surprised (though most women probably aren’t!) to discover that when it comes to choosing a husband, looks simply aren’t that important. Just over three percent of women listed good looks as a necessary attribute of a spouse. Instead, most women are looking for reliability and intelligence (tied at 39 percent) and kindness (27 percent). The rest of the top 10 qualities would-be wives are seeking included integrity, financial security, a caring attitude, generosity, fidelity, maturity, and a sense of humor. It’s true that these responses, coming from a survey of one dating website’s members, are just a sampling. But if other studies of a similar nature are any indication, the qualities that men and women consider desirable in a spouse may well be universal. That’s something for Florida singles who want to break out of the dating scene and settle down to bear in...

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The Right Doctor for the Right Procedure

Recent advances in medical technology have ensured that most medical procedures today are safe and that complications from them are extremely rare. This is especially true when the doctor who performs the procedure specializes in it. For example, a heart patient would not go to an oncologist for bypass surgery, nor would a cancer patient seek treatment from an OB-GYN. Nevertheless, an article this week in the Chicago Tribune stressed the need for patients to do adequate research before having cosmetic surgery. As the article emphasizes, complications from cosmetic surgery are rare, but problems increase when cosmetic procedures are performed by doctors without board certification. In Fort Worth, it is perfectly legal for a non-board-certified doctor to offer cosmetic surgery services. However, just because something is legal does not always make it the best choice for patients. As reported in the Tribune, it takes six years for a physician to become board-certified in cosmetic surgery. During that time, the doctor learns the intricate anatomy of the face and all of the nerves that can be affected in the process of cosmetic surgery. Because board-certified cosmetic surgeons have more training, they are in a better position to perform cosmetic surgery procedures safely. According to the Tribune, an Indiana woman sought a tummy tuck and breast augmentation from a surgeon in Chicago as she neared her 40th birthday. Although the surgeon came recommended from a friend, he was not board-certified. Following the procedure, the woman passed out at home while in the shower and her husband had to rush her to the emergency room. She was found to be in septic shock and was taken by helicopter to the ICU of the University of Chicago Medical Center, where doctors later removed her implants and the skin flaps left over from her tummy tuck. Again, although such instances are rare, they do point to the fact that some patients spend more time checking out a plumber or auto mechanic than they do a doctor who will be performing surgery on them. If you live in the Fort Worth area and are considering cosmetic surgery, do the smart and safe thing by having your procedure done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Such individuals have the training and experience necessary to ensure that you avoid painful and dangerous complications. You can even look into finding a surgeon who is double board-certified in both cosmetic surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, in order to have the absolute safest surgery...

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Best Industrial Painting at Affordable Rates

One has no option but to paint one’s industrial and commercial premises from time to time, though the cost is not nice to think of. Painting, though, protects the building from deterioration, and keeps it looking good. A building which is obviously well-cared for gives a very good impression of your business and sends a message to your clients that you care about your business. When your building looks bad, clients will wonder whether you care about the quality of the work you do. As an astute business person, you will want to spend your money wisely. Thus, when you choose a painting contractor, you will look for one who can do the job really well and will give you value for your money. You can’t go wrong by consulting Industrial Painting York, PA. They will give you excellent advice and point you in the right direction. You need a company experienced in industrial painting as they will have scaffolding and other equipment that home painters often don’t need. Industrial premises are frequently higher than ordinary homes, making it difficult to reach the upper parts of the walls and the roofs. Industrial premises, depending on the type of work done there, may need experts in the removal of hazardous paint: you can find such a company by consulting Industrial Painting York, PA. Some industries also need their buildings’ walls to be covered with specialised coatings: for this you cannot use the services of a contractor who only does painting of residential premises: you need the experts who have experience in doing this and have the necessary equipment. None of this comes cheaply. When you need expertise, you have to pay for it. If you require a contractor with staff well trained in all aspects of paint removal, surface preparation and wall coating application, you are going to pay more than you would for a small contractor who only paints houses. But, as the experts at Industrial Painting York, PA will tell you, there are quite a number of competent painting companies, and the competition among them is helping to keep the costs down. Also, at industrial premises one is always conscious of the safety factor. Industrial premises are often taller than residential homes, and they may be constructed in such a way that it is difficult to get to all the parts of the building. This makes the preparation of the walls for painting, and the painting itself, quite risky. No commercial business wants their safety record blemished by an accident on site. So while looking for an affordable painter you also need to look at their quality and safety measures. Do they have a safety rating? Are they...

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Why Is Offshore Seating So Important?

Offshore seating should be developed for sea employ and should be there to protect your boat. Foldable deck chairs, backpacking chairs or traditional domestic chairs are not recommended to be applied to angling from the deck of the liner because they are risky and probably dangerous, both for the angler along with the dinghy itself. Likewise, it’s vital that the pads along with other upholstery of fishing vessel chairs be specially designed for sea use as a result of the hard to lift use of and exposure that they’re prone to be given. Oceanic seats can also be built to float, while most household pads would sink. Leisure outdoor craft that is applied to deep sea game fish like swordfish, marlin, swindler and tuna are often called “fighting chairs,” because of the special angling of the chairs that swivel to permit anglers to alter their inclination. They generally have footrests for fishermen to prop their toes against the fighting fish. Moreover, they’re usually running which makes use of a dead ringer for auto seat belts to secure in anglers and also their fishing rods. You will find that there is a large choice of places intended for permanent or temporary set up at the outdoor liner, according to the measurement of the vessel and the use for which something is proposed. A small craft can trust built-in tests but the wider boats are sometimes equipped with portable seats that happen to be obtained with pedestals or storeroom compartments. Some reef fishing vessel chairs are oriented towards grand, built having deeply padded cushions and cup holders; others are more practical. Fishing craft are generally running seats designed for outdoors, and also benches and seats for other objectives. The helmsman’s place, for instance, is usually a relaxed choice for the partner interjecting the vessel. Cushioned benches are frequently discovered in numerous zones throughout a reef fishing liner, while it’s certainly a possibility to rest themselves on it as well as angling although they’re not created for that purpose. Vessels that may usually fish inshore for growers like falter, striped bass and bluefish don’t need wrestling chairs for the reason that fish aren’t often sufficiently big enough to pull an angler directly into water. Each of these boats utilize a volume of various kinds of chairs. Folding outdoor seats have become famous, and appear to be motor vehicle pail chairs. They’re safe to a plinth or amazing chairs that come with computer hardware when they are being used and can typically be eliminated and stowed away when they are not, supplying more deck space. Offshore seating is always something a boat needs, not just for comfort but for safety as well. Most...

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Chaikin Stock Report for Sears Holdings Corporation $SHLD 1-2-12

The Chaikin Power Gauge RatingTM for SHLD is bearish due to very weak earnings performance, very negative expert opinions and bearish price/volume activity. The rating in this stock report also reflects very attractive financial metrics. SHLD’s earnings performance is very weak as a result of poor EPS growth over the past 3-5 years and worse than expected earnings in recent quarters. Financial Metrics Rating – Very Bullish SHLD’s financial metrics are excellent. The company may be undervalued and has high revenue per share. The rank is based on a low price to book value, low return on equity and low price to sales ratio. Earnings Performance Rating – Very Bearish SHLD’s earnings performance has been very weak. The company has a history of weak earnings growth and has not met analysts’ earnings estimates. The rank is based on poor EPS growth over the past 3-5 years, worse than expected earnings in recent quarters and inconsistent earnings over the past 5 years. Price/Volume Activity Rating – Bearish Price and volume activity for SHLD is bearish. SHLD has underperformed the S&P 500 over 26 weeks and is experiencing sustained selling. The rank for SHLD is based on its relative weakness versus the market, negative Chaikin money flow, a negative Chaikin price trend, a positive Chaikin price trend ROC and an increasing volume trend. Expert Opinions – Very Bearish Expert opinions about SHLD are very negative. Analysts are lowering their EPS estimates for SHLD and short interest in SHLD is high. The rank for SHLD is based on analysts revising earnings estimates downward, a high short interest ratio, insiders purchasing stock, pessimistic analyst opinions and relative weakness of the stock versus the Nonfood Retail-Wholesale industry...

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