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Hiring Professionals For Cylindrical Grinding Vs. In-House Work

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), it is becoming increasingly commonplace to hire out specialized services to specialized shops. This includes grinding, bar straightening, lapping, honing and turning services. In the past, this was often done in-house by the OEM, but there are a lot of good reasons today to contract with a grinding company to provide cylindrical grinding and other grinding services instead of doing it within the business. The single biggest consideration for any OEM is the cost difference. By contracting with a company offering quality cylindrical grinding and other services, the OEM always know exactly what the cost of production will be. This is very different than what can occur with the four factors that have to be considered with in-house processes. Equipment Costs Today’s CNC equipment for cylindrical grinding is state-of-the-art. It is not only advanced in that it has the technology built into the system, but this equipment is completely redesigned from the old, basic types of grinding machines. The costs of this equipment are considerable and constant updates are required to keep up with industry standards and demands. Training and Expertise While equipment is important in producing a quality finished product, it is also important to have expertise and experience in staff on the equipment. Grinding services tend to hire the best in the business, ensuring there is always expertise and experience operating the equipment. Production Capacity Issues Working with top grinding services builds in scalability with production capacity. These companies can easily increase to meet demands, something that is virtually impossible in short turnaround times with in-house capacity. Quality Control With grinding services specializing in cylindrical, CNC, thread, flat and jig grinding, they have the ability to set quality control standards that meet all requirements of a given industry. This also is a benefit to the OEM as it ensures all parts and components are delivered to the exact standards...

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Internal Grinding – Why Outsource Your Precision Honing Needs?

Most machine shops today perform a wide range of services for their customers. However, unless you’re a very large company with national or international connections, you probably do one or two things very well, and the other things are OK. For example, you might create precision thread cutting or specialize in machining stainless steel or aluminum parts. When it comes to precision ID or internal grinding (honing), you might not have the right equipment and tools for the job. That’s where a precision grinding shop can be your best business partner. Let’s explore some of the many reasons to outsource this kind of work. Finishing Work Perhaps you make precision parts. This could include bearings, connecting rods, camshafts, gears, clutch components, or manifolds. These parts need high-tolerance machining. If you don’t have the time or equipment for the job, it’s easier to send them to a local shop that specializes in precision CNC internal grinding. They’ll make sure your parts meet the specifications they have to meet. Increasing Your Shop Efficiency If you’re not set up for precision honing, why take on the added expense and headaches? You may have to buy expensive equipment, and if your shop is already full, you might need to think about moving to a new facility. There’s a better solution to this problem, and it’s as close as your local grinding shop. You don’t have to go into debt to make a large investment. There’s no need to hire more people and pay out more money in benefits and wages. You save all these costs when you outsource your internal grinding needs. Choosing a Shop The best shops for precision honing work specialize in grinding. They can work with many kinds of metals and even do plastic work. Also, look for a shop with many years in the...

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