Things to Consider for Custom Fire Pits in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is a beautiful area with some scenic views that are difficult to describe accurately. Because of the beauty of the area, many people enjoy spending time outside enjoying the visual wonder. In the winter, however, it can get quite cold and for those people who don’t have the kind of view they want from inside of their house, an outdoor space needs to be created. In most cases, this will include an outdoor fireplace of fire pit. For someone who wants to set themselves apart, there is the option for Custom Fire Pits in Salt Lake City UT. A custom fire pit allows a homeowner to express themselves in their design while enjoying the heat that a fire pit provides. There are several options materials to choose from, and there are different configurations as well. Choosing the Right Materials Traditionally, for a permanent fire pit, there are three material options – stone, brick or concrete. Each option has their own appeal and there are different reasons why someone might choose one over the other. Stone is what original fire pits were made from. It was a natural step from surrounding a fire with stone to creating a permanent stone circle for a fire pit. Stone can be beautiful and provides a little less structured look than brick or concrete. Brick often blends in with the aesthetic of a home. It is more structured than stone and often appeals to those that enjoy a simple and classic look for their fire pit. Concrete offers a lot of options and can be very modern. It can be poured into molds of different shapes, which means that a homeowner can create something truly unique for their home. Choosing a Shape and Size Another option to consider is the shape of a fire pit. While round is pretty traditional, it’s not a requirement. Custom Fire Pits in Salt Lake City UT can be square, triangle, rectangle oval and more. The only limitation is the taste of the homeowner. They can do whatever they want. The size can refer to the circumference as well as the height. Most fire pits are no more than 14 inches in height, but they can be as big as the homeowner wants. If you’re considering a fire pit for your yard, you might want to go custom. Visit Stone Mountain Castings & Design to see some beautiful options to consider. Like us on...

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Benefits of Gas Fireplace Insert Service

As winter time approaches many areas, people should have their homes set or just about set to keep them comfortable inside the home. Some people have central heat. Others have fireplaces. There are those that have electric fireplaces, and then there are those who have a wood burning fireplaces. What many are considering doing these days as a cheaper alternative is to convert their wood-burning fireplaces into gas units. There is a company that offers Gas Fireplace Insert Service in Minnesota. These are some of the benefits associated with the usage of gas fireplace inserts. One of the large benefits of converting to a gas fireplace insert is the cost of repairs and replacement associated with regular fireplaces. It could cost a huge amount to repair a fireplace and the chimney. In addition, the structural work that would be involved will cost the family members a great deal of inconvenience. It would take days to complete. All this goes away with the conversion to a gas fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are also much more efficient than open, wood burning fireplaces. The self-cleaning glass doors that are a part of gas fireplace inserts reduce the impact of creosote in the fireplace and prevents combustion gasses from entering the home due to a down draft by a gusty wind. Another benefit of gas fireplace inserts is that the air is cleaner as the fire burns. There will be no solid fuel burning to worry about. Thus, the convenience of not having to clean up ash or other burnt waste is appreciated. Finally, gas inserts are designed these days to appeal to the aesthetic senses of the homeowners. The Fireplace Guys have been providing fireplace solutions for customers all over Minnesota for over three decades. Their staff serves customers in everything from servicing to the design of framework. They will clean, inspect or repair fireplace products, including gas fireplace inserts. Whether a customer is looking to change to a gas fireplace insert for the first time, or simply needs Gas Fireplace Insert Service, the company is available for FREE home...

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Gas Stoves And Fireplaces Require Cleaning By A Fireplace Maintenance Company

Gas logs and fireplaces should receive cleaning and service on a yearly basis to keep them safe and operating at their peak. Cleaning and checking of the area by a technician can prevent costly repairs in the future. It can also give the owner the confidence and peace of mind the system is safe for operation and will take the chill out of the air during the next use. Gas logs or fireplaces offer the beauty and warmth in a warm but can also result in serious problems for a homeowner if something is malfunctioning. A Fireplace Maintenance Company can check all of the gas connections for any leaks. They can tune up the logs or fireplace for fuel efficiency and optimal flame. They can inspect the system for any signs of wear. Cleaning dust build-up and lint from the valves or controls will give the unit easier use. Safety clearances can be checked, and gaskets can be check for proper sealing. Air vents, grills, and louvers can be inspected and cleaned as well as the glass of any corrosive salts or soot buildup. The millivolt reading needs will be checked to make sure it’s adjusted to the factory specification. Although the logs may be used quite frequently, lint and carbon can build-up on the logs and burner. This build-up can produce difficulty lighting the logs and result in poor flame quality. If the burner is not working properly, it can cause dangerous emissions from build-up on the burner. The vent that takes carbon monoxide from the gas fireplace will be checked for any blockages or damage. This is a very important step in the cleaning process because carbon monoxide is an odorless and poisonous gas. Carbon monoxide can make occupants very ill which could lead to hospitalization or even death. Maintaining gas logs or fireplaces are just as important as maintaining a wood burning fireplace. Yearly maintenance checks can eliminate dangerous consequences that can occur through usage. A highly-trained technician can clean, maintain and service a system in a short amount of time. For more information and assistance with gas logs or...

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