Important Considerations When Choosing Baldor Electric Motors For Industrial Applications in Louisiana

Industrial Supplier

Baldor products, including their line of electric motors, have a top reputation for durability, reliability and low maintenance requirements. In small and large industries across Louisiana, these motors provide the power to drive performance and production.

As with any type of equipment, comparing the options in Baldor electric motors helps any company in selecting the right equipment for the job. When replacing an existing motor, comparing options also is essential, particularly if the current motor was not providing the performance required for the application.

Size of the Load

Regardless of the type of Baldor electric motors under consideration, including those running on AC, DC power or servo motors, it is essential to consider the size of the load when making a solution.

The size of the load and the necessary speed, as well as the ability to accelerate and decelerate, should all be taken into consideration. Incorrectly matching these components results in decreased performance, shorter duty cycles and increased downtime on the line.

Load Types

In addition to the size of the load, the load type is essential to consider. The specific use of the motor will determine which industrial motor is the best choice. They can include variable or constant horsepower and torque in any combination. Other components, such as a gearbox, may need to be considered based on the application.

There may also be the requirement for positional control, which is required when the movement of the equipment has to be precise across many possible positions is also a specialized consideration.

Application Type

Stop and consider if the motor needs to be used in an application requiring constant speed, variable speed or position control. These three possibilities are highly effective in narrowing down the Baldor electric motors ideally suited to the specific application.