Facts About Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX

Beauty Salon

While many people may not have heard of lash tinting, it is a beauty treatment which has gained a great reputation within the beauty industry. For those who are unfamiliar with the procedure but think it sounds intriguing, here is a brief breakdown about Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX.

Eye Sensitivity

When the procedure is performed by a reputable salon, there should not be any worries about eye sensitivity. However, when it comes to permanent lash tinting, there have been reported cases of granulomas or contact dermatitis occurring. If contact lenses are worn by the recipient of the treatment, make sure to take them out before the treatment happens. The contact lenses can be put back in the next day. If somebody knows they have especially sensitive eyes, saline solution can be used to rinse out the eyes after the procedure of Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX is complete.

Safety Precautions

The precautions taken before, during and after the treatment should be taken quite seriously. They are done for a reason. One of the safety tips experts recommend is to never use hair dye on lashes. Hair dye is far too harsh to be used in such proximity to the eyes. Also, when applying the lash dye, the beauty technician at Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar will never “double dip” as this can cause an infection in the eye itself. The first step is to apply a vegetable-based stain on the lashes and let it sit for a few minutes. After this is complete, a color developer is applied to set the color in the lash hair. There are some brands which can show results in just one step but the brand used will be up to what the beauty technician is comfortable working with.

All in all, Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX is a safe procedure that many women have found makes their morning beauty ritual just a bit easier. In a society where everybody seems to be constantly pressed for time, the ease brought by a simple beauty procedure should be something which nobody should pass up.