Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening


With teeth whitening trays and strips sold at nearly any drugstore these days, some individuals wonder whether an in-office whitening procedure can really help them more. Tooth whitening services are designed to make tooth enamel several shades whiter in only one or two sessions. This type of Cosmetic Dentistry in Northbrook can help individuals feel more confident than ever in their smiles. We are here to let patients know that our in-office whitening treatments are definitely worth their time and consideration.

When clients choose in-office whitening, they will know that they are working with a professional who knows exactly how and where to apply the treatment. This will be a thorough procedure that hits all areas of the visible teeth, providing even, precise results that look completely natural.

In addition, in-office whitening treatments are far stronger than those found on drugstore shelves. This makes them better for those who have severe permanent stains and who need to get their teeth more than one or two shades whiter. Some in-office treatments can be up to 10 times stronger than over-the-counter options are.

Finally, in-office whitening treatments can be far more comfortable than DIY ones are even though the treatment is stronger. This is because the dentist will thoroughly protect the gums, decreasing sensitivity and discomfort during and after the treatment.

These precise in-office whitening treatments for Cosmetic Dentistry in Northbrook are both comfortable and convenient for busy adults who want to feel great about their smiles once again. By entrusting one’s teeth to a dental professional, a patient can feel confident in the safety of tooth whitening treatments and in their expected great results. Those who are interested in teeth whitening or in other cosmetic dentistry treatments are encouraged to contact Chicago Beautiful Smiles today.