Moving Companies Serving Louisville for Home and Commercial Relocations


Many reliable and experienced moving agencies have the ability to not only perform residential moves, but also commercial moves. The reasons why an existing or first-time homeowner may need to move can vary. Businesses also relocate for a variety of reasons. Residential moving customer may need to move in order to access the new employment opportunity. The business may relocate to acquire a better location to market its products or services. Regardless of the reason, these types of professional relocations can be handled by service moving companies. Louisville relocation customers can benefit from an array of services provided by these companies in order to achieve a truly efficient and seamless move.

Home Moving Services
Regardless of the distance involved for a residential relocation, the entire move may require significant amounts of resources and man power to get the project done right. Coordination and planning required in order to produce efficient result. Many times this can involve proper implementation of project management services in order to make sure everything is carried out in an organized and efficient manner.

Some of the basic services provided by residential moving companies can include full or partial packing/unpacking, transporting household goods, and crating and specialty packing. Other services can include single point of contact, storage, mortgage and closing assistance, move preparation, decluttering, staging and organizing, and cash-back reimbursement on home sale and home purchase.

Residential relocations can involve local, long-distance, as well as international moving efforts. If you’re going to move internationally through a moving company, it’s important to hire provider that has the right knowledge and experience to handle the type of planning and coordination required to achieve a successful result.

Office Relocations
Relocations of businesses can include everything from small business moves to large relocations of corporate offices to a new state.

Commercial moves can involve the application of a range of services that help facilitate the entire effort in an efficient manner. Some of the services offered by office moving companies include fixtures installation, floor plan design, facility protection, furniture installation reconfiguration, warehousing, asset management, modular furniture build out and tear down, on-site project management, and files and records moving.