What is NASM Certification?

Personal Training

The National Academy of Sports Medicine is an organization that offers personal trainer certification for fitness professionals. NASM is known worldwide for the quality of their NASM Certification NYC programs and curriculum.

Since 1987, NASM has offered the opportunity to earn specialized fitness certifications on several topics to thousands of students pursuing a career as a health and fitness professional. Over 190,000 personal trainer certifications have been issued within the last 10 years by NASM.

The educational curriculum at NASM is designed to educate and promote fitness and wellbeing and enhance their career of fitness professionals.

NASM’s curriculum is accredited through the NCAA which includes courses that provide students with the tools and techniques to provide general and specialized personal training for clients. Here students will learn how to create specific programs according to a client’s goals and ability.

Advanced specialization courses from NASM’s selection of courses are available in the areas of corrective exercise, performance enhancement, fitness nutrition, behavior change, group personal training, women’s fitness, youth exercise, senior fitness, and golf fitness.

NASM’s capstone Master Fitness certification program includes courses in exercise physiology, nutrition, personal training, special populations, sports conditioning and corrective exercise. This program is designed to take the fitness professional to the next level.

All of the courses are developed with NASM’s exclusive education model of Optimum Performance Training (OPT). OPT is a comprehensive training program based on scientific, evidence-based research and provides outstanding results. It was developed to improve flexibility, balance, power, strength, core stabilization, and cardio endurance.

NASM’s model of successfully educating and training personal trainers has provided the benefit needed for personal trainers to accurately assess, design, and counsel their clients in a professional manner. Adding a NASM Certification in NYC to your resume will let your clients know you have a successful career as a fitness professional.