Options In Industrial Epoxy Coating


There are a variety of options possible in industrial epoxy coating for any type of concrete floor. This flooring can be used in retail outlets, warehouses, aircraft hangers, dog kennels, processing and manufacturing facilities and in any type of commercial building.

For commercial property owners, the choice of industrial epoxy coating is based on the durability, resistance to wear and tear, and the overall demands of the facility or building. As there are options to consider when choosing the epoxy coating, having a good understanding of the options available can help in choosing a top manufacturer and brand as well as a flooring option.

Floor Conditions

With any type of commercial floor coating, there will be a need for some surface prep of the concrete. There are some types of epoxy which are designed to be self-leveling, which means they will fill in minor types of surface damage. There are also products which are designed for use with floors with surface cracks, pits or chips that are greater than 10 millimeters in depth.

Knowing the condition of the floor as well as the final cured thickness required for the coating will be essential.

Curing Times

The best industrial epoxy coating offers very short curing times. The exact curing time will depend on specific factors such as temperature and humidity. However, check to understand if there is any shrinkage during the curing. For commercial buildings, it may also be important to see if there is any odor during the application and curing process.

Surfacing Possibilities

For many industrial and commercial applications, the ability to include a non-skid or non-slip textured surface is a very important benefit to consider. This type of coating may be required to meet industry safety standards.

In the food and beverage processing industry, it will be critical to ensure the epoxy selected meets the necessary health code standards. Working with the manufacturer will ensure the right product is applied to the specific application requirements.