Surrogate Agencies: The Matchmakers Who Help Bring Beautiful Children Into the World


Being a surrogate mother is a special way to give to a couple who desperately want a child, but cannot have one under natural circumstances. There are Surrogate Agencies that arrange matches between surrogates and couples who want a baby. Presently, it’s becoming a common practice and allows couples to have children that may otherwise remain childless because one of the partners is unable to carry a baby to term.

A surrogate may use her own eggs to create a baby. This is called a traditional surrogacy. When the eggs and sperm are from the couple and are inserted into the surrogate, it is called a gestational surrogacy. The surrogate has no genetic relation to the baby; she is just the carrier for the couple. In either case, the birth certificate is signed by the parents, not the surrogate.

Surrogate Agencies are able to screen parents and surrogates and match them to each other. Surrogate mothers can interview couples and decide if she wants to carry a baby for them, and the parents can decide if the surrogate is the right one. They may examine things such as genetics, negative aspects in behavior such as smoking, addictions, and psychological balance in the surrogate. The surrogate may want to know why the couple wants a baby, what the home is like, are they gainfully employed and basically, or will they be good parents? So, using an agency will help each party understand the other, which helps decide for both if they want to work with each other.

Finding the best surrogate agency for the couple’s needs is imperative. A referral from a fertility doctor that understands the needs of the couple is a great place to start. The agency should be able to provide references for follow-up on its reputation. The couple should feel completely comfortable with an agency before forging ahead. There are some unscrupulous businesses that do not have the best interest of anyone and are only focused on money.

It does cost a lot of money to hire a surrogate to carry a baby, but the surrogate is giving a great deal physically and emotionally to provide a healthy child. The agency should not be reaping most of the benefits in a surrogate situation. Once a trusted agency is found and a match is made, a beautiful life can be created, which can bring great joy into the world.