Tree Maintenance in Arlington: Caring for Your Trees in winter

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The ice, storm and rapid temperature changes that go sometimes even to below zero can easily take a toll on your trees, especially if you reside in an area that receive harsh winters. When winter knocks the door, even the native plants are unable to survive the pangs of these harsh weather conditions. It is even worse if the trees that make up your residential landscaping are completely exposed to bad weather conditions. Here are a few tricks hat you can employ as part of Tree maintenance Arlington to minimize the extent of damage to your residential trees:

Cold stress

This problem come in different forms. To start with, sudden temperature changes that occur during the day and the night can cause stress to mature trees leading to southwest injury or frost cracking. Though in most cases there is not much to be done to avert the problem, you can prevent stresses from occurring by wrapping the bark of the small trees as a fall maintenance procedure. You should also avoid pruning until the tree goes into dormancy.

Winter drought

This often affects the evergreens. Drying out is a major problem especially when the tree loses more water to the environment than it can absorb due to frost. When the spring arrives, it starts warming up the outer part of the plant while the ground is still covered with frost. As a result, the plant can lose a lot of water especially during the windy time. The owner needs to lay a layer of mulch around the base of the tree to prevent water loss. Applying mulch is also important part of Tree maintenance Arlington as it will act a temperature buffer to the roots.

Branch breakages

The branches of trees are always venerable to breakages in the winter season. This is due to snow accumulation on the branches that exceeds the weight that they can comfortably handle. To overcome this problem, you need to use a rope to reinforce the tree branches.


Due to food scarcity during the winter, some rodents such as mice and rabbits normally attacks tree barks. There is interesting technology as a tree owner you can use to keep them off your trees. There is also commercial repellent paint that you can apply on your trees.

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