Become a Surrogate in California to Better a Family’s Life


Unfortunately, there are many couples that are incapable of conceiving and carrying a baby of their own. These couples only have a few options to consider bringing a baby of their own into their family. One of these choices is working with a surrogacy agency. The surrogacy agency will help to build a relationship between the couple and a surrogate mother.

Are you interested in the option to Become a Surrogate in California and change a family’s life forever? To be eligible for a surrogacy program, you must be healthy, not smoke, be between the age of 21 and 38, have a stable living arrangement, have no history of drug or alcohol abuse and have a clean criminal history.

The first step in becoming a surrogate mother is by choosing the right surrogacy agency. You want to work with an agency that cares as much for the surrogate mother as it does the couples that will be receiving the baby. You want a company that is established and has a great track record with previous surrogates and the families.

Once you find the agency you deem worthy of working with, you will submit an application. Once the application is processed and accepted, you will attend an interview where you will discuss the process and have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

You will be required to go through both a physical and psychological evaluation. If all goes well during these evaluations, you will be scheduled for an examination at the fertility clinic. During this exam, you do have the opportunity to get all medical questions answered that you may have. It is best to get all the facts up front to ensure you are ready for the entire process.

The choice to become a surrogate in California is a choice that will bring a positive experience that is rewarding. Providing infertile couples the chance to have a baby of their very own is a life long gift that they will appreciate until their final days. The gift of a baby is a gift that will continue giving for many, many years into the future.