There are Many Kinds of Hotels in San Luis Obispo County for Wine Lovers to Enjoy

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Travel

Wine lovers have enjoyed visiting Hotels San Luis Obispo County for generations. They can savor a ride along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and visit a different winery every day. Single varietal wine tastings are one of the more popular events in the region. A winery will feature a single type of wine such as Greneche Blanc. Every Greneche Blanc made at any winery in the county can be included. This is a convenient way for a wine lover to truly get to know a wine. A local chef is asked to create a dish to pair with the wine that features local ingredients. Wineries take turns hosting these events.

After a busy morning touring wine country people can return to Bestest Hotels San Luis Obispo County to be pampered. They can simply sit by the pool and read or they can enjoy luxurious of spa treatments. There are many types of hotels available and people will easily find accommodations to match their mood. Wine lovers may enjoy staying at small hotels located on the grounds of a vineyard. These venues are often located in romantic historic buildings. Guests can sit on the patio and watch the activity in the vineyards. Tours are available so they can observe grapes being evaluated and picked.

There is a close connection between the vineyards, wineries, farmers and local restaurants in San Luis Obispo County. Restaurants feature dishes made from local ingredients. The chefs pair their dishes with wines from nearby wineries. Often they create a meal with several courses and provide a local wine for each course. Wine novices enjoy these meals and learn a great deal about pairing wine and food. They also learn how the dishes are created and the benefits of including wine from local Paso Robles Wineries.

Hotels San Luis Obispo County understand how popular golf is. They often create golf vacations that allow their guests to play on some of the best golf courses in the region. Their guests love adding 18 holes of golf to their wine tasting events and gourmet meals. These activities create a well-balanced, interesting, and relaxing vacation. They can then return to their hotel and enjoy a quiet glass of wine before retiring. Browse website for more details.

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