Own a Tree Infested with Termites? Hire A Tree Removal Company in Arlington

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Termites can rapidly destroy the structural integrity of a home. A termite infestation often begins in a nearby dead tree. If a homeowner notices dirt tunnels that look like a pencil near a tree, that probably means that the tree is infested with termites. Termites use tunnels that look like this to move through the earth. Once this occurs, there is no way to treat the tree to get rid of the termites. If the tree is near the house, the termites can easily travel from the tree to the house. The only solution for the property owner is to hire a Tree Removal Company Arlington.

A professional arborist will arrive with a bucket truck to easily let him reach the tallest limbs on the tree. He will secure the limbs so that they don’t fall on a nearby roof or fence. It only takes a few hours to safely bring down the tallest tree. The Best Tree Removal Company Arlington will safely dispose of the wood. Homeowners may want to save money by doing this themselves. However, they run the risk of spreading the termite infestation.

Other homeowners may decide that they will remove and burn the tree stump themselves. If they have never operated a stump grinder, they may be surprised at how much skill it takes to operate one. They will also have to have the physical strength to deal with both the stump and the roots that may be several feet underground. The Tree Removal Company Arlington County will have the stump quickly out of the ground. They will know how to check for termites and treat the area if needed.

The homeowner can decide whether they want to have a healthy tree planted in the space or have the tree replaced with sod. The arborist can help them choose a tree that resists termites and disease. He can also suggest trees that are the right size and shape for the space. Homeowners can call a company such as Greentree Arlington for these services. The company will arrange a site visit so that the homeowner can discuss the matter with a professional and learn about their options. Click here for more information.