Professional Dog Boarding in Chicago


When you are searching for a place to board your dog, you need to find somewhere reliable and safe. After all, your dog is a part of the family and deserves the best. The most important factors to consider is whether they will be able to get the exercise they need, if they will have a safe, private area for “alone-time” and if there are professionals who will provide them with the expert care you expect.

For an experience that your dog will never forget, there is a place you can take them that is one of the best locations for Dog Boarding in Chicago. The Chicago Canine Academy is a unique dog boarding experience. Here your dog or dogs will get the best care available anywhere.

Your four-legged friend will be able to enjoy several hours of outdoor time each day. Playtime is done in a secure, fenced-in yard. Your pup will be included in a play group of other canines who are ready to have some fun. Each dog is expertly assessed before being allowed in the play groups, so you never need to worry about your dog’s safety. If your dog is the potential troublemaker of the pack, they will not be left out. A dedicated outside area is available for him to get the exercise and fresh air all dogs need.

Your dog will be fed twice a day as well as given any medication they may need. In addition, if you are interested in giving your dog an even more interesting experience, the Chicago Canine Academy is not just a boarding facility, they are also a dog training school. Your dog is welcome to join a class or two while they are being boarded for a small additional fee.

The Chicago Canine Academy offers an intensive two-week training course. This program involves boarding your pet at the school for the duration of the program, with the owners visiting during the second week. This is the point where you will begin learning how to work with your dog effectively. If this seems too severe for you or your dog, there are also private lessons and group classes.

Find out where the best Dog Boarding in Chicago is, call the Chicago Canine Academy today.