Puppy Training Classes in Chicago: Always a Good Idea


Aside from good nutrition, fun toys, unconditional love, and lots of play-time, puppies actually need training. Dog experts agree that training might very well be the most important part of a puppy’s new life, although probably not the most enjoyable for the puppy or the owner. As a matter of fact, at the age of about 3-17 weeks puppies go through a “critical socialization period.” If one’s four-legged friend is overly hyper, ignores orders, barks and whines uncontrollably, it may be time for some professional training classes.

Puppy Training Classes Chicago can provide mental as well as physical stimulation for the dog and the owner. Most people wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to schooling a little puppy. It usually doesn’t take very long for a new owner to realize that dogs are actually nothing like children. Puppies need a strong and strict leader to follow, and most owners can’t help themselves but to spoil their new friend. If raising a large breed, it is absolutely imperative to train the dog as soon as possible. Every time the owner leaves the puppy alone, the animal might feel threatened, abandoned, or angry. Unless coming home to chewed up furniture and clothes, ravaged kitchen, and soiled carpets sounds like fun, the owner would be wise to get a jump on things when the puppy is still young.

Most training schools admit pups as soon as they can walk. A lot of Chicago Puppy Training Classes, as well as training schools such as the Chicago Canine Academy, found at Chicagocanineacademy.com, provide all-day boot camps, daycare, and boarding services. It may sound cruel to leave a dog for the whole day in someone else’s care, but proper socialization is very important for puppies. At training schools, pups become familiar with other dogs and humans, making them more comfortable in future social situations. With a compassionate and disciplined staff, the schools train puppies to understand basic vocabulary and respond calmly to various types of stimuli. The dog will learn to feel more secure when away from the owner and less afraid of strangers.
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