Chicago Dog Boarding is Way More Than Just Daycare: Benefits & Tips

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It’s tempting to stash your dog with a family member, friend or neighbor while you’re out of town. If you’ve never considered dog boarding, give it and its many benefits a second glance.

Fun, Love, Attention

Providers of dog boarding in Chicago, IL, boast some of the highest national standards in dog care. Boarding exposes your dog to seasoned, trained and often certified staff who keep your dog entertained and exercised, spoiled with hugs and kisses and carefully monitored by naked eye and camera surveillance.


Help your dog ditch despair and anxiety at your leaving by introducing them to new friends. Dogs are pack animals who flourish in the comforting warmth and excitement of bonding with other dogs. Socialization builds healthy pack animal behavior and gives your dog ample opportunities to stretch out, run, jump, bark and have a great time.

Nutrition and Health

Targeted nutrition optimized for your breed, size and weight ensures your dog receives the best diet during the boarding period. Plus, it’s required for your dog to be current on flea prevention, heartworm medicine and common vaccinations, such as rabies, kennel cough and canine distemper.

Tips on Prep Before Boarding Your Dog

As stated above, make sure your dog is current on vaccinations and other prevention for common canine ailments. Try to visit the facility and spend a bit of time there, acclimating your dog to the new environment, host of faces, noises and smells.

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