Why Obedience Training For Dogs in Chicago Matters


Some owners don’t see the value of Obedience Training For Dogs in Chicago. After all, why not simply allow the dog to settle into the home and gradually get used to the routine? The fact is that obedience training is not all about making sure the dog obeys on command. It is also about making sure the pet does not get into trouble that could cause injury.

Positive Reinforcement

With certain approaches to Obedience Training For Dogs in Chicago, positive reinforcement is a big part of the process. The goal is to teach the dog that engaging in certain types of activities will provide rewards. For example, the training can teach the pet that the owner will respond warmly when certain actions take place. By contrast, failing to engage in those actions will mean that the owner does not respond in the same way. This approach can help the dog to understand what is and is not considered acceptable behavior around the house.

Avoiding Fights With Other Dogs

While some dogs have a personality that includes being very friendly with other animals, that is not something that comes naturally to every canine. Proper obedience training can help to override the tendency toward aggression when the owner takes the pet out for a walk. It can also make for a more harmonious atmosphere around the house, since the dog will not begin to bark every time another dog walks down the street. The bottom line is that obedience training is not always about making sure that the pet will instantly respond to orders given by the master.

The underlying reason for the training often has to do with ensuring that the pet understands how to act properly around children, visitors to the home, and even around other animals. That same training can also help minimize activity that could place the dog in danger. For more information on the benefits associated with obedience training, contact the professionals at Choose Chicago Canine Academy. After learning more about what the program has to offer, the dog owner may decide that this is an excellent option for his or her canine.