Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Wichita, KS

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DUI laws are complicated. While you may be convinced you are guilty, and feel you have no choice but to accept the consequences when you go to court, that may not be the case. A DUI Lawyer in Wichita KS, can review the details of your arrest and may be able to offer you a defense against the charges in court that can result in a finding of not guilty.

You were probably arrested because you failed a blood alcohol test. These tests are typically performed using a breath testing device the officers keep in their vehicles. In many cases, the devices are not accurate enough to prove a person with a blood alcohol level close to the legal limit was actually too intoxicated to drive. Your lawyer may be able to convince the court the results are invalid.

Another element of a DUI case is the reason the police stopped your car in the first place. By law, the officer must have probable cause to pull over a vehicle for suspicion of drunk driving. An attorney may question the officer’s motives for stopping your car. Without a good reason to stop you, the officer would have never known you had been drinking. After reviewing the evidence, your DUI Lawyer in Wichita KS, may decide to use this as a defense against the charges.

A DUI conviction carries serious penalties. The best way to avoid having a DUI on your record and paying fines, higher car insurance premiums, and bus fare while your license is suspended, is to hire a lawyer that has the ability to win a DUI case. The sooner you hire legal representation, the fewer consequences you may face. An attorney may be able to help you avoid the initial driver’s license suspension so you can continue to drive to work while you fight your case.

Visit to learn more about how a skilled attorney can help a client who has been charged with DUI. One of the worst decisions you can make after you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence is to attempt to defend yourself in court.