Making The Most Of Business Management Games

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Business

Being a manager at any level in a company, business or organization means having to use critical thinking skills, make decisions effectively and also be able to lead and communicate effectively with those you are managing. More and more today management is more a team based approach rather than a top down model, so the management skill set is constantly evolving. Business management games are an ideal way to help managers, at any level, develop those skills.

In general business management games are one of the most effective options in helping new managers and leaders to learn the skills they need and experienced leaders to continue to hone their skills. Since these games are designed to create discussion and communication as well as to critically think through real world problems and best responses they truly are an experiential form of learning.

Competitive Edge

There are many different styles of business management games from virtual games online to board games. While it may be first impression that online games are the most engaging, well-designed business management games often are board games.

They are designed just like a board game with a definite level of competition. And competition in the game, just as in management, is a healthy and real world element. The benefit to this competition really comes in when management teams play together and have the opportunity to talk about decision making, help each other develop critical thinking skills and even become more effective communicators.

Better Than a Lecture

Spending a fortune to bring in a keynote speaker on business management, communication and leadership only really impacts people so much because it is passive learning. In addition, how many of the managers are actually fully attentive to the speaker and how many still have their mind on a current issue they are struggling with?

When managers are engaged in playing business management games with other managers it is highly interactive. It is not just learning, it is learning, discovering and practicing all at the same time.

The results of playing business management games in an organization is that when the game is over everyone walks away with leadership and management insight, regardless of their skill level when they first sat down to play.

Try using business management games with your management team, you will be amazed at their engagement and learning.

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