Common Sizes of Storage Units and what they can hold

Storage and Logistics

There are many reasons you may require Storage Fort Myers FL residents and businesses often rent. When you are busy you don’t want to have to spend too much time fussing over the items you need stored and what size storage space you need. Whether you need storage for business or personal use here are some estimates for the storage space you require.

Downsizing Your Home

If you are downsizing your home but don’t want to part with furniture that is still in good condition just yet you can look at the contents of the room and use this easy reference to get a good idea of what size Storage Fort Myers, FL space you will require:

* If you are empty nesters and have downsized to a one bedroom home you will have the content of one or more bedrooms with which to contend. For a basic bedroom you will need about 40-50 square feet for a bedroom containing a Queen sized bed, a double dresser and a few small items such as side tables, lamps and some boxes. If you are downsizing the content of your entire home with all the kids gone a three bedroom storage unit would be about 150 square feet.

* The content of a family room with average furniture (couches, chairs, coffee tables, end tables, lamps, TV and some boxes) would fit in a storage unit of about 100 square feet.

* If you are moving to a furnished condo or retirement home and need to store all of your furniture 200 square feet will hold a 5 bedroom home including appliances.

Office Storage

Office storage has different requirements due to the nature of the contents being stored. You will more than likely have less soft furnishings and more boxes and desks. The Storage Fort Myers FL businesses might need if you have just lost a partner or are downsizing to a smaller office space you can consider you will need about 50 square feet for each average office that would contain a desk, chairs, some storage boxes and a few filing cabinets.

This is a rough guide that will serve you well when estimating the Storage in Fort Myers, FL, residents or businesses might require.
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