What You Should Know Before You Build a Custom Home


Building a custom home offers you the opportunity to have your dream home. Paying attention to the details before your custom home is built and making the right decisions during construction will help ensure your custom home Nashville, TN is exactly what you envisioned.

Proper Insulation

You may be tempted to scrimp in certain areas so you can spend in others. This is a big mistake especially on details such as insulation. Proper insulation will keep your running efficiently and also keep it cool. This will save you money on your energy bill.

Plan your Electronics

Something as simple as planning where everything will go well allow you to better plan your electrical blue print. You can use conduits to hide cords in areas where you will have equipment such as stereo and home entertainment systems. Try to plan for things such as lamps you may place on fireplace mantels and outlets for kitchen appliances including small appliances like coffeemakers.

Laundry Room

This may not seem important but you can save time by designing a well laid out laundry room on your main floor. Less running up and down stairs will make life easier. Consider stackable washer dryers to save space. Another trend is a small laundry room on the same floor of the bedrooms for even less laundry lugging as are laundry shoots from the second floor directly to a bin in the laundry room below.

Door Swing

Consider where you want your door to open to the right or left for each room to preserve space and make furniture layout easier. It’s a small thing, but it helps when you plan for a dream custom home in Nashville, TN.


You will want the best HVAC you can afford for energy efficiency and quiet running. Be certain your builder works with a knowledgeable HVAC company who will give you the right size and right installation for ultimate efficiency.

Ample Storage

Make sure bedrooms have proper size closets with built-in shelves and consider adding a pantry in the kitchen. A mud room is always nice, if not make sure you have a large enough front hall closet for everyone’s “stuff”.

These are small details that in the long run will save you money and give you the dream custom built home Nashville TN residents will envy.

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