You Want to Sell Your Business but Worry About How to Value Your Company?


“I want to sell my business in Las Vegas, but have no idea about its true value.” This is a common theme among business owners who may compare businesses for sale in the city and state, but unless you know the differences between their trading, profit and loss and balance sheet reporting, over the past few years, it is difficult to strike up a sensible comparative figure. How can you value your business and prepare it for sale?

How Will You Value Goodwill in Your Business?

Is the goodwill in your business completely about yourself as the business owner, or does it hold a great value that would be of interest to a future purchaser? This is often the next enquiry straight after asking yourself the question “how do I sell my business?” Until you can quote a reliable valuation, your business is not ready for sale. Fortunately, there are experts who are involved in valuing your company and understand how to value those areas of your business that are difficult to put next to a dollar sign.

You will almost certainly need a professional valuation expert to be able to place a realistic price on the intellectual property that may be a major part of your organization’s final appraisal. It should not be a surprise that most business owners will probably overestimate the value of their business, particularly in the areas of goodwill and intellectual property. The final assessment of these areas may well become the difference between receiving a good amount for your business or a higher figure that sets you up for life.

What Is Your Brand Worth?

When you have taken many years building your brand and have achieved a great deal of success, the name and recognition of your company may add a significant dollar amount to the final sales agreement. With it, any trademarks and non-compete agreements will also increase the final valuation of your organization.

When you ask an expert that you want to “sell my business,” they will bring a vast experience and expertise to be able to assess your company throughout. They will bring a high level of knowledge about your industry which may increase or decrease the net assets of your balance sheet.

Ways to sell my business in Las Vegas,” needs professional help and practiced opinions, especially when considering the intangible assets which, although unique, may be the one reason another individual or company is prepared to pay a premium price to complete the deal.