Rehab is for More than Just Your Addiction

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Drug Addiction

In many cases, addiction comes from self-medicating for an underlying mental health or physical condition. In this day and age, more and more people not only use alcohol and illegal drugs, but also prescription medications to treat themselves for anxiety, depression, and many other psychiatric disorders. Many people also become addicted to prescription painkillers after having suffered an injury or trauma. Unfortunately, not only does the underlying issue remain, but now you have an addiction that also needs to be dealt with. Only once you have dealt with your mental health or your trauma issue will you ever have a successful recovery from your addiction. There are substance abuse treatment centers in Los Angeles who have an outstanding reputation for not only treating substance abuse issues but mental health problems as well.

Medicating with Drugs and Alcohol is not Effective

Substance abuse is never the answer you are looking for. The fact of the matter is that it is only going to make things worse by bringing about negative consequences. You will find that you are far more likely to have problems in your relationships, at work, and quite possibly with the criminal justice system. The worst thing is that you will find that your depression, anxiety, or whatever issue you are trying to hide is only going to continue to get worse.

When You Are Ready to Seek Treatment

When you are faced with substance abuse issues and one or more concurrent mental health disorders, everything needs to be treated in order for you to have a successful recovery and to remain sober or clean. Whether you are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar, or PTSD, is able to treat all your issues. Sometimes reaching for that drink or that hit seems the only way to cope, let them teach you a new way.

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