What Is The Difference Between Major And Minor Injuries?

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No one can foresee accidents. Accidents may result in injuries ranging from mild to severe. Some injuries are clearly major at the sight of it, while some are minor since you can easily contain them. However, a few cases can be hard to determine. Here, we will deduce the differences between major and minor injuries in detail.

What are major injuries?

Also classified as severe, these are injuries that could potentially result in prolonged disability, death, or permanently diminished quality of life. Major injuries require immediate medical attention. Ambulance transportation comes in handy in such circumstances. Any of the following qualifies to be classified under major medical emergencies.

  • Any type of eye or head trauma
  • Severe lacerations and stab wounds
  • Severe burns or scalds of more than one-inch diameter
  • Compound and severe fractures
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Injuries that display severe bleeding, unconsciousness, chest pain, confusion, paralysis, and sudden seizures

What are minor injuries?

Minor injuries can cause discomfort and inflammation on bearable levels. They do not threaten your life, disable mobility, or threaten survival. Minor injuries can be contained through first aid, rather than you rushing to the hospital for further medication and treatment. Examples of minor emergencies include the following:

  • Shallow abrasions and cuts
  • Skin lesions and bruises
  • Muscle aches and strains
  • Minor burns that aren’t deep
  • Head injuries where you haven’t lost consciousness

Both major and minor emergencies require medical attention. Nonetheless, the urgency in attaining medical help will vary. More severe injuries require immediate attention.

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