The Top Reasons You Should Take Your Child to the Urgent Care

Urgent Care Facility

The pediatrician’s office should be the main place that you go for your child’s health care needs. However, if your child cannot see the pediatrician the same day, then you can use an urgent care. There are several reasons that your child should get pediatric care in Marlboro, NJ.

Quality Care

Your child can get the same great care that they get an urgent care that they get in a pediatrician’s office. Urgent care centers have been trained to provide kid-friendly care. They have equipment that is designed for children.

Shorter Wait Times

Many parents take their child to the emergency room when they cannot get an appointment with the pediatrician. However, emergency rooms are known for having long wait times. This can be stressful for you and your child. Urgent care centers have shorter wait times. In fact, your child will probably be able to get care in less than 30 minutes.


An emergency room visit can be quite expensive. In fact, you may have to pay over $1,000 for basic treatment. Urgent care centers are a lot cheaper than emergency rooms. If you have insurance, then you will only have to make a copayment. Urgent care centers are still a lot cheaper than emergency rooms even if you don’t have insurance.

Treat Minor Illnesses And Injuries

There are a variety of illnesses that can be treated at an urgent care. This includes ear infections, upper respiratory infections, flu and sprains.

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