Reasons to Use an Urgent Care in Somerset County NJ

Urgent Care Facility

One of the best ways to get treated for non-life threatening injuries in a timely and cost efficient manner is by using an urgent care. In general, urgent cares are a great alternative to emergency rooms and have adequate staff to treat a wide variety of conditions. Most of the urgent cares are staffed with nurses and have one doctor that is on call for more severe situations. Here are the reasons why you should choose urgent care in Somerset County, NJ.


Most of the time an urgent care facility is far less busy and has less of a wait than a hospital emergency room will. Emergency rooms deals with a wide variety of injuries that can be very severe, so naturally the more severe your injury is the faster you are seen there. If your injuries or sickness is minor, then an urgent care will be able to facilitate your needs in a timely manner. The staff at the urgent care Somerset County, NJ is more than capable of handling any medical emergency with the proper treatments. They can also write prescriptions if they are needed, which is a great benefit for anyone who suffering from the flu or other viruses that will require an antibiotic to get rid of.

Cost Effective

Another great benefit of choosing an urgent care over an emergency room is that it is much more cost effective. On average, a normal visit to an emergency room is over $1,000 and it most of the time these bills are for treating common conditions. An urgent care visit usually averages around $200, which is a considerable savings. The treatment at the urgent care is just as good as the emergency room; the only difference is that the urgent care does not have all of the overhead that the ER does.

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