Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Photographer

Everyone loves jumping into a photo booth and getting in on the fun of taking some goofy pictures as a memento of a wonderful time. If you don’t, then you’re just a party pooper. Even if you don’t act goofy, it’s still a great way to remember friends and having a good time.

Photo booth rentals for special occasions are gaining in popularity. Celebrities are big on renting them and they can be great for anniversary or birthday parties. However, what better celebration than a wedding?

Statistics gathered from Google show that more people in over 15 major cities around the US are searching for wedding photo booth rental than for DJs in 2016!

Just imagine the fun you and your guests will have with a wedding photo booth where everyone can get a customized memento of the big event. At most any wedding you can take away an embossed table napkin or a tiny bag of mints with a card with the couple’s names. How often do guests get to take away something really memorable, like a photo of themselves at the event?

Photo booths are run digitally these days and can offer all sorts of options for your photos. Guests can have their picture set alongside the image of the wedding invitation, choose a special border, have a choice of backgrounds, make a postcard, or even stickers. It all depends on what you want for your booth and what the rental company offers.

The majority of wedding photo rentals offer an attendant and costumes such as hats, feather boas and other props and a DVD of all the photos that were taken by your guests.

You can be certain that having a wedding photo booth at your reception will be a big hit with your guests, and for you and your new spouse. In addition to all the formal photographs, you’ll have some fun ones as well, plus you’ll have a record of all the photos and fun your guests had. You’ll get to share in their fun days and years later.