Car Insurance Personal Injury Protection in Jacksonville is Not a Waste of Money


An automobile accident often dents more than just your car. It can cause serious physical, emotional and financial damage to those involved in the crash. While you’re already worried for your loved ones and yourself, you also have to tend to issues of medical bills, lost income and other expenses. However, if you’re covered by car insurance with personal injury protection in Jacksonville, which is a form of car insurance in Jacksonville, you can settle these costs easily and also protect your friends and family.

Is Car Insurance With Personal Injury Protection in Jacksonville Required?
In some states, including Florida, personal injury protection is compulsory. However, since car insurance with personal injury protection in Jacksonville is available and mandatory, it is necessary to understand what your health insurance covers and what it doesn’t; how the personal expenses associated with a car accident will impact you or someone from your family.

Standard Auto Insurance or Health Insurance Are Often Not Sufficient
The standard auto insurance will only make the responsible party liable to pay the costs associated with the accident up to the policy limits. However, your car insurance with personal injury protection in Jacksonville will cover your medical expenses irrespective of who is at fault in the accident. It is therefore also referred to as ‘no fault’ coverage.

Even if you have health insurance, it will have its own limits and deductibles. If you’re involved in a serious accident, your personal insurance protection will cover the costs that go beyond your health coverage limits.

What Does This Policy Cover?
In additional to hospital and medicine expenses, a personal injury protection policy can help you with other costs like:
Loss of income: If you’re injured and unable to work for a prolonged period, you can maintain your income as this protection covers you for income loss during this time.

Loss to survivors: In case of your death, the surviving dependants are paid for the income loss as covered by the policy.

Funeral costs: Personal injury protection also covers the expenses of burial, cremation or other related ceremonies.

Essential expenses: The tasks for household maintenance normally performed by you would need to be outsourced if you’re injured and this will incur costs. These costs of replacement are covered by the personal injury protection.

Although you may have car insurance with personal injury protection in Jacksonville, insurance companies are well-known for paying as little as they can get away with. If you feel you are not being treated fairly by the insurance companies after you have been involved in an accident, it is a good idea to find a legal professional whom you can trust to protect your rights.