Capture Special Moments of Your Wedding With an Austin Photographer

Wedding Photographer

When you get married, you want to have a way to cherish your special day. The most common way to remember the event is through photographs. After hiring a photographer, make a list of the details that you want to capture and a few ideas for how they can be enhanced.

Before the Wedding

There are quite a few events that happen before you walk down the aisle and marry your significant other. A professional wedding photographer in Austin can usually capture the wedding party in their clothes before the ceremony begins. There are also a few pictures that can be taken of the bride and groom as they get dressed. You could also include pictures of the venue and the decorations before your guests arrive.


Perhaps the most important task for a professional wedding photographer in Austin is capturing the special moments during the ceremony and the love that is shared between the two of you as a couple. Make notes about taking pictures of your guests as they go to their seats and of the wedding party walking down the aisle to the front of the venue where the vows will be exchanged. Other important images should include performers who sing, the ring exchange, and walking out of the venue as a married couple.

Reception Details

The reception should be captured in a few different ways. You want images of the fun that is shared with your spouse and your guests. You also want to capture pictures of cutting the cake, the first dance, and other special moments with family and friends that you want to remember.

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