5 Signs It’s Time to Call for Plumbing Service in Escondido, CA


Catching plumbing problems early is the best way to avoid a costly repair bill. The problem is that many people don’t know when to call for repairs. They usually end up calling for emergency plumbing service in Escondido, CA, once problems have gotten out of hand.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Stay alert for these signs of imminent plumbing problems.

Frequent Drainage Issues

Toilet and sinks clog, but they shouldn’t clog all the time. When this happens, there’s something going on in the system that a plumber needs to diagnose.

Low Water Pressure

When there’s no obvious reason for low water pressure and it affects all the taps in the house, there could be a water leak. Call a plumber for leak detection service.

Sewage Smells

Drains that smell like rotten eggs need attention right away. This is a sign there’s a sewer clog that needs removed. Plumbers have the tools to clean sewer pipes quickly.

Lukewarm Water

Water heating issues are more than inconvenient. They signal an issue with the water heater. Have issues like lukewarm and inconsistent checked out sooner than later to avoid costly water heater replacement.

Pilot Light Issues

Gas-powered water heaters have a pilot light. The pilot light should always be a steady blue. If the light is yellow or orange, call for plumbing service in Escondido, CA, because there could be a gas leak.

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