How to Choose the Best Rugged Smartphone

Mobile Phones

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate. Whether you are using your phone to email, text, browse the Internet, or use social media, it is difficult deny that much of our daily communications are now done via the smartphone. However, because of the large surface area of smartphones, the glass on the screens is prone to cracking and chipping and the phone itself is vulnerable to bending. For those who work or play in harsh conditions, traditional smartphones probably won’t stand the test of time. Thus, they would do well to look into more rugged smartphones.

Choosing the best rugged smartphone, consumers should take into consideration these factors:

  • Strength of the screen
  • Impact resistance
  • Water and dirt resistance
  • Functionality

Screen Strength
One of the most common issues with smartphones is the screen. For even the common user, smartphone screens are prone to scratching, cracking, shattering and chipping. This vulnerability is amplified for those whose daily lives expose their phones to greater stress. Therefore, when choosing the best rugged smartphone, you would do well to shop for one that has Corning Gorilla Glass, which is both shock and scratch resistant while still providing the touch-screen capabilities that smartphone users desire.

Impact Resistance
Dropping a phone can do more damage than causing the screen to crack. Impact can cause loss of functionality in a variety of ways. Therefore, finding a smartphone that has an impact resistant case can help to increase the lifespan of your phone and ensure that you stay connected no matter how hard on your equipment you are.

Water and Dirt Resistance
The best rugged smartphones are also IP68 certified, which means that it can withstand being submerged in water that is over one meter deep for up to 30 minutes. This level of seal also offers a certain degree of dust and dirt resistance. Therefore, you know that if you are using your phone on a job site, at the beach, or even in the snow, it is likely to work after being accidentally dropped and coming into contact with water or dirt.

Finally, when you choose a rugged smartphone, you still want to maintain a certain level of functionality. The best rugged smartphone models will offer you 4G speed and have a processor and operating system that will allow you to browse the Internet and social media and stay in touch with your friends and family.