Tips for Keeping a Well-Maintained Furnace

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Do you love that cozy feeling of warmth in your home after traveling out in the bitter cold? If you do, then you must keep up on regular furnace maintenance in Edmonton, AB to stay warm all winter long. Since your furnace is tirelessly working during the colder months, you want to make sure that all of its parts are up to par and in excellent condition. To keep your heater in high-quality form and avoid early failure or malfunctioning, routine maintenance by professionals is a must. Not only does regular maintenance help you stay away from pricey heating repairs, but it should also improve your unit’s efficiency. This essential upkeep is going to add years of life to your HVAC system. Here are some furnace service tips you must know.

Seasonal Checks

The primary element you must have is a service plan with a reliable HVAC contractor for preventive protection. Your best option is to schedule seasonal tune-ups before the winter months. Your HVAC technicians should come to your home and perform all of the needed tests to keep your unit working well throughout the winter months. These experts are trained to visually examine, test, regulate, clean and oil moving parts. Sometimes unforeseen factors, such as dirt and debris get into the motor and blower and cause harm. An excellent technician has an eye for spotting that stuff and knows how to clean all critical components properly to prevent part damage. Having your system under-contract for scheduled checks is always your best bet.


As you know, self-maintenance can also go a long way to keep your furnace in supreme working condition. When you perform checks, you should look for any dirt on the air filter and even make sure you are habitually changing it. While you must leave the more substantial checks to the professionals, it is okay for you to do the basic ones. For more information visit Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.