Dental Implants Offer Numerous Benefits


There are many benefits to using dental implants if you have found yourself in the situation where you have lost a tooth or must have one pulled. A dental implant is a replacement tooth that functions, feels, and looks very similar to your real teeth. There are other means of replacing teeth that have been damaged but dental implants are your best choice when it comes to cost efficiency and lasting for the long term when compared to bridges or dentures. Many dentists now have the ability to do implants in their office saving you the extra money of not having to seek an outside specialist.

The Upside of Dental Implants

The upside to having dental implants is quite broad. They help you retain your natural smile by helping you hold the shape of your face although you have missing teeth. A face that is missing teeth can sometimes sag and seem sad. This is not the case if you use dental implants. Dental implants also help promote natural bone growth in the jaw. In many cases, when a tooth is lost the jawbone begins to deteriorate. Implants are able to keep this from happening and actually promote healthy growth. Other benefits of dental implants include being able to eat most foods without issue, being able to speak without any issues, and being able to skip the process of having to get used to dentures.

Having Dental Implants Done

Many dentists are now offering to do dental implants in their office without the need of going to specialists. If you are in Chesterfield seeking dental implants, the professionals at Chesterfield Family Dentistry offer dental implant options. Feel free to give them a call to discuss your options and make an appointment today. Like us on our facebook page.