Understanding the Importance of a Roof Installation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Milwaukee area weather tends to hit the extremes. During summer months, heavy rains, wind, and hail all threaten roofing materials. During the region’s winters, snow loads and ice cause a tremendous amount of damage to home roofs. The only way to minimize the threats posed by weather events is to make sure a Roof Installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin includes the best products available, and those products are installed by experts.

Which Type of Roofing Material is Best?

That’s not really a simple question to answer, as different situations dictate using products designed to meet a structure’s unique needs. While traditional, three-tab shingles continue to be the most common roofing material selected, roofing experts suggest property owners consider other options before making any decisions. While it’s certainly true that common, entry-level shingles provide the cheapest roofing solution, the overall cost of roofing involves more than the initial installation.

When considering a Roof Installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin, homeowners must also understand maintenance, repairs, and life expectancies are all important factors to weigh when selecting a roofing product. Choosing products like CertainTeed’s Landmark or Patriot shingles will certainly cost more initially, but those products are better constructed, which means homeowners generally need fewer repairs over the life of a roof. Since architectural shingles also last longer, the overall costs can, in many cases, actually be lower for quality shingles than for entry-level products.

Consider the Entire Roofing System

While choosing the best shingles is important, property owners must also look at the other elements of a roofing system. Top Milwaukee area contractors understand the importance of venting systems and installing ice and water shields. Flashings must be selected to match the shingles and the types of openings in the roof. When one of the area’s best contractors is selected, only the best products and installation practices will be used.

Maintenance is Always Important

Every roof should be maintained on a regular schedule to stay ahead of any potential issues. Even high-end products can be damaged under extreme conditions, so roofing industry experts suggest property owners have roofing professionals inspect roofs periodically and after severe weather events. Find more information now if you’re in need of repairs or a new roof.