Things You May Not Realize About Cloud Web Hosting


Most business owners have heard about “the cloud,” and they understand that this is the future of web hosting, or at least if you are reading information online. In reality, cloud web hosting is a very good option for some businesses, but it is not necessary or even ideal for many other types of business.

By understanding more about the cloud and what offers, a business can determine if this is the right web hosting option for their specific needs. If it is, the next step will be to find a cloud hosting service that offers the package and the features that are required.

Cloud Hosting Is Only Private

This is not true, although there are private clouds that are often a good idea when a business has a large amount of data or when extreme levels of security are required over and above the stringent levels offered through managed cloud web hosting or shared cloud hosting services. There are public clouds as well as hybrid clouds that offer some public and some private services.

Cloud hosting will include VPS or virtual private servers, which allows for several of the virtual private servers to operate within the cloud. These are highly secure and offer a low price whether you choose managed or unmanaged options.

Cloud Hosting Is Too Costly

A very common misunderstanding that holds many businesses back from considering cloud web hosting is the myth that it is cost prohibitive for small business. While this was the case in the early development of cloud-based technology, it is no longer the case.

Additionally, with the use of the cloud, you will only pay for what you need. However, unlike with traditional packages, you can quickly scale up as needed, which is an ideal option for cost saving without having to compromise on other aspects of traditional types of web hosting services.