The Benefits Of Being A VPS Reseller


For those working in or around the business development, website design and development or the IT industries, becoming a VPS reseller can be a simple way to add a revenue stream to your income.

These programs allow you to sell VPS (virtual private server) packages to clients of your choice through a reputable hosting service. As these are VPS and not shared hosting packages, they are geared towards businesses of all sizes, allowing the possibility of selling into more diverse markets.

White Label VPS

If you want to market your VPS hosting plans, look for a hosting company offering White Label programs. This means that they will provide their products without any affiliation to their service. You will be able to brand the packages with your specific brand and name the packages to suit your needs.

At the same time, you will have a specific control panel where you can log into and manage all the accounts. This allows your business to be the point of contact for customers, adding to your professional services.

This is different from an affiliate program, although these programs have value as well. With the affiliate program, the hosting service keeps their name on the packages, but you can use that name to market and sell. By choosing a top hosting service to become an affiliate or partner, you take advantage of their brand recognition and web hosting reputation to market products and earn a profit.

What to Consider

Before deciding which hosting service to work for as a VPS reseller, take the time to consider the differences. Look at the pricing for their packages, if they offer White Label options and if they provide you with a simple turnkey solution.

Some companies will provide a complete system with billing, support desk features and all the options you need to start selling. Adding the VPS reseller opportunity to your business can be a very lucrative added product line you offer, just be sure to pick a top hosting company before you get started.